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For the love of animals

May 29, 2014 - Brett Van Waus
A Basset Hound plush sits by my Carmelo Anthony doll at my desk. Why? I love animals. Sometimes animals appear on Buzzfeed, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. I love it because in a world like this, sometimes, you just need to see an animal. Three weeks ago I jokingly, but kind of seriously, pitched an idea to write about different animals in the community as a fun, summer feature story. Two weeks ago I was thrilled when Abigail said I could go for it. I am asking the public for ideas about what pets I can feature. If you have a dog who cuddles with a small child, a cat who plays Jenga, a dog (or cat) that saved a life, a horse who is used for therapy or a semi-famous Basset Hound, I’d love to write about it. I threw the Basset Hound in there because that’s my story. Beasley, my boyfriend’s Basset Hound, who I have basically adopted, was an internet sensation at one point in his life. As a puppy, a photo of him drinking out of a straw when viral. It was on Cute Emergency on Twitter, Pinterest and dozens of other websites. He was an internet sensation. Now he is about 50 pounds and almost 2-years-old. But for now, he’s just funny and awesome, he still has a life ahead of him and plenty of time to do something amazing. If you have a pet with a unique story that you think should be part of this summer feature I am doing please email at I look forward to hearing its story.



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