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A 'Great White' mustache?

June 23, 2014 - Mike Donahey

After more than 16 years of being clean shaven, I briefly considered growing a mustache again.

Several days of not shaving made the temptation easier, as my facial hair has always been heavy.

But one thought stopped me.

Would I want to look at an all white mustache?

In reality that is what it would be.

As in: “Are you the guy with the white hair?”

That’s a question a fellow employee asked me over the telephone once.

“Yes,” I replied, without hesitation.

My hair has been white for awhile and I’ve learned to live with that fact.

Its a family trait according to an aunt. She told me that a late aunt and late uncle “started going white in high school.”

My involuntary hair color change did not happen while in high school. I was well into the “world of work.” It was about 30 years ago when I noticed a few gray hairs taking hold in my beard. Others quickly followed and my once dark brown beard became more and more gray. I shaved the beard a long time ago for a job interview, but that didn’t stop the gray. It marched its way up to the top.

Age is a factor as well. I'm not getting any younger, as the saying goes.

But over a period of years I went from all gray to all white. Of course, I’ve thought about coloring. Several barbers said they would gladly do it for me, but the price — as in having it done on a regular basis — is a sticking point. I have other priorities, such as a daughter attending college late this summer.

I expect coloring it would shave several years off my appearance — which has its advantages in today’s youth-oriented world. Me with darker hair might even attract younger readers to my articles and columns. Then again, maybe not.

It might be worth a try though. My wife has shared with me that several mutual acquaintances color their hair regularly. They look great. And if works for them, perhaps it would work for me too.

I need to make up my mind soon, though. The other day a cashier automatically gave me a senior discount for a cup of coffee. It saved me 15 cents.

I’ll just start saving up those senior discounts and apply it to my hair coloring expense.



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