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Conquering a fear, part I

July 18, 2014 - Brett Van Waus
Everyone has a fear.

Some people are afraid to ride airplanes, some people are afraid of heights, some people are afraid to ride motorcycles or horses.

I finally did something I have been avoiding all of my childhood, teenage and adult years— I rode a roller coaster.

The fear started when I was younger because I would always get motion sickness. I always preferred, I still do to this day, to take the stairs over elevators. I slept through plane rides and even took motion sickness pills on long car rides.

As I grew up I kept hearing horror stories about roller coasters riding off the tracks or getting stuck. I preferred to avoid them.

And that’s what I did.

The inevitable happened a couple weekends ago when John my boyfriend and I went to Adventureland.

Out of no where John, who also shared the same fear of riding roller coasters, said we needed to just do it.

I agreed on two conditions— nothing upside down or on a rugged wooden track.

That left us with one option— The Tornado, the most simple roller coaster.

We walked side-by-side to the short line. We kept asking each other why we were doing this. It was much different than the log ride we just rode.

We got in the tiny car quickly. The man explained that everyone needs to stay in the car, pull the bar down and smile because we would have our photo taken after the big drop. Smiling was the last thing I was concerned about, I was worried for my life.

As we pulled the bar down to secure us I started getting more nervous.

Clank, clank, clank. We began to move.

As we inched to the top of the first hump I thought we were stuck until we rapidly dropped.

I was screaming, it was so scary.

After that first hump, the second one and the rest of the minute long ride wasn’t so bad.

It was over before we knew.

I wasn’t as dizzy as I thought I would be and the ride really wasn’t so bad.

We looked at the photo of us on the ride and my face was priceless, the face of fear.

Did we do it again? No.

Did we ride another roller coaster? No.

However we did conquered our fear after all these years and better yet, I’m still alive.

Part II I will be riding a horse, stay tuned.



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