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By This Time in 2009

April 29, 2008 - Wes Burns
Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair! Alright so Shelley was writing about a long dead Egyptian king but he very easily could have been talking about Google.

For those that have somehow missed the ascension of one of the most powerful corporations of all time. What started as an alternative to the popular search engines of the time (yahoo, um...altavista...ehh...others) became the leader in searching and, thanks to those ever helpful Google ads, advertising as well. The company has been able to parlay success in these fields into success in just about every other high tech field.

All of this seems on the straight and narrow. A company built a better mouse trap and the people came with their pocketbooks. This would mean that one is ignoring the stranger side of Google; like their corporate motto of "do no evil", as if "evil" was the standard operating procedure for most corporations. Or the fact that they have a mass storage device that is so large it must be stored in two airplane hangers in the pacific northwest and simply begs parallels to the omniscient killer computer from Terminator Skynet.

So aside from potentially setting the stage for the destruction of all mankind (there is not fate but what we make!) Google is still a pretty regular company. Just recently they purchased the right to the "C Block" of the broadcast spectrum. The "C Block" is the part of the spectrum that used to contain analog TV broadcasts.

Don't pretend like you haven't seen the constant scrolling. On the top of the TV, on the bottom of the TV, the oddly race/gender/age specific commercials, the late night ALL SCROLLING TEXT commercials, the incessant nagging that sometime NEXT YEAR old TV's aren't going to work any more. Considering how many TVs I've owned in my life I'm surprised any of them still work at all.

As if my television screen wasn't congested enough with weather scrolls, squished credits and the infuriated 1/3 screen animated ad for some ridiculous show that's going to be canceled before the first commercial break I now have to deal with a message that explains to me something that is going to happen in a year? And all while I'm watching satellite TV, no less.

If you watch the commercials and the scrolls and all of the other "information" regarding the matter the clear winner after Google's purchase is not Google or even the American Consumer but the cable companies. Well...this is Iowa so I suppose it's just the one company. These are the guys that want the last people to switch over to cable so that "they won't have to worry about getting a digital converter switch for their outdated television". Has anybody at Mediacom taken the time to figure out if the cost of all these ads is going to be covered by the cost of getting the last 40 people in the country to switch from antenna TV to cable?

By this time in 2009 I think I'll be watching my TV on the internet. Thanks Google.


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