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Caving on cable shows

January 28, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
OK, I’m hooked. I once promised myself to never get into cable original television shows. I want to support the networks and watch their offerings (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and the CW).  I know most people don’t see the difference between the two, TV is TV. But in my college classes, I learned the full history of the networks and thought they are far too important to let cable take away ratings. However, I have finally given in and now watch two cable original series.
One I have been attached to since last Fall. It’s a show called Leverage on TNT. It’s about “good” criminals. A modern, high tech version of Robin Hood. Basically, it’s a crew of talented criminals brought together to use their skills for good purposes. Their clients have been wronged by the rich and powerful and can’t use traditional means of getting the wrong righted. The crew includes Nathan Ford, the mastermind behind everything; Sophie Devereaux, a grifter who uses her acting skills to corner her marks; Eliot Spencer, a “retrieval specialist” with bone-crunching fighting skills; Alec Hardison, a gadget and technology wizard who keeps the team connected and informed and Parker, a slightly off-center thief adept at repelling off buildings or squeezing into tight places. Right now, Sophie is temporarily off the crew and the new grifter is Tara Cole, someone Sophie hand picked to replace her while she was off “discovering her true identity.” The real reason Sophie is off the team is the actress who plays her, Gina Bellman, is on maternity leave. It’s a very intriguing show that will leave the viewer guessing how they pulled off a seemingly impossible job. It’s on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. CST on TNT.
The second show is still somewhat new to me. I blame my brother for getting me to start watching White Collar on USA. This is still relatively new to me. I watched the season finale of the Fall season and the first two episodes of the current season. It has a similar concept to Leverage in that the FBI’s new consultant was a former criminal, Neal Caffery. He helps FBI agent Peter Burke to solve crimes. Burke knows Caffery’s skills well because he is the agent who caught Caffery and put him in prison. I’m not a 100 percent hooked on it right now but it’s reeling me in fast. It helps the Tiffani Thiessen plays Agent Burke’s wife; you know, Kelly Kipowski from Saved by the Bell (I love that show). I am interested enough to give a try. White Collar on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. CST on USA.


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