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Text shorthand

February 4, 2010 - Mike Donahey

I've been using the text feature on my cell phone more lately.

And, I'll admit the feature does come in handy.

Like many, I have my own text messaging shorthand.

For experienced texters, I suspect some of what I have used, and displayed below is pedestrian.

Others,who are experimenting with their own shorthand, may learn from it. Here are samples: 2 – to or too, 2morrw–tomorrow 4–for B–be B4-before awtg-awaiting belz-bells ben–been chk–check, as in the financial instrument or to check on cloz–clothes doz–does erund–errand groc.–groceries gr8-great $/mony-money r–are replz–replies rdy–ready urn–earn thx–thank you womn–woman yur–your

I'd be interested in receiving text shorthand suggestions from readers to find out what I have been missing.

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Awtg yur replz,



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