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Disappointed with Big Bang Theory

April 13, 2010 - Pam Rodgers

I am a fan of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. I am not afraid to admit I was a little obsessed with catching up on seasons one, two and three (the current season). Now that I am all caught up, it gives me the chance to enjoy the new episodes on Monday nights. However, the most current episode was very disappointing to me.
Let me call spoiler alert now. If you haven't seen the April 12 episode, my blog will discuss what happens in the end.
If you are familiar with the show, you would know that the most normal nerd Leonard has finally gotten the girl across the hall, Penny. Being familiar with sitcom television, I know that the relationship won’t last for the rest of the series without a few break-ups (i.e. Ross and Rachel on Friends). It gives the viewers a reason to watch keep watching the show. Well, the inevitable break-up occurred in the last episode. Even though I am big romantic, I’m am OK with the premise behind the split. It is the way that it was done that just seems more than a little stupid.
I won’t reveal all the details, but I will say that I am very disappointed that the writers couldn’t have come-up with a better situation to do it. Everything goes wrong in the episode for the all main characters, not just Penny and Leonard. Usually after watching the show, I am in a good mood because I have laughed through most of the episode. This one was a downer on all fronts. In past episodes, even the more serious plot lines has had a b-story line that acts as the comedic relief. This one failed to provide one. Some may have found it funny but to me, it put down everyone on the show. As a viewer, you come to root for the characters and when the writers seem to write an episode where nothing ends well for them is just wrong.
I hope the next episode can pick the show back up to the high standards I have come to expect from it because the last episode was way below average for me.


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