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Castle: A great show that I don’t blog about very much

December 9, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
If you have ever read my blog, you know that I mainly give my opinion on entertainment things such as movies and television shows. Chuck and Dancing with the Stars seem to be my main blogging topics but I have to talk about another show in this blog, Castle. I have mentioned a few times that it is one of my favorite shows, probably fourth on the list behind Chuck, NCIS and Big Bang Theory. I enjoy every episode and I am happy to report that this past Monday’s episode was one of the show’s best yet.

** As a warning, this will contain spoilers. I can’t blog about the episode without them. :)

“Last Call” was the title and it had one of the most intriguing and innovative plot lines yet. In this episode, the murder case they are investigating leads them into walk into historic New York City around the prohibition era. I’m a sucker for historical tidbits and while I have no idea if the story they were telling was based on fact or not, I was enthralled by the information.

They were taken to a tavern called “The Old Haunt,” which was one of the last traditional bars in the city. Apparently it was a legendary speakeasy in the 20s where people could go to get the illegal liquor. Novelist, Castle was very into the history of the tavern, revealing that he wrote most of his first novel in on of their booths.

The murder victim was the bar owner who was practically raised in the bar because his grandfather was “bar historian.” Now the bar provided some very cool sets, like straight out of a Sherlock Holmes scene. I’m sure the set designers had fun with that one. The bar was filled with secret basements, tunnels leading into old unused sewer lines and a hidden stash of 135-year-old scotch that was believed to be a fable. The owner of the stash was Jimmy “Beau James” Walker, New York’s mayor in 1926 who was openly against prohibition.

The bar owner found this stash and to help his money problems, decided to sell one at auction, claiming that it was the last surviving bottle. Well, he trusted the wrong man, revealed that there was a stash and not the one bottle and leading to the greed that was the motivation behind his untimely end. But like always, Beckett and Castle always figure it out.

The banter between Beckett and Castle was top of the line throughout the whole episode with the constant back and forth. Theirs is one of the more intriguing will-they-won’t-they romances on TV right now, for me anyway (especially since Chuck and Sarah are now together, but I digress). Most episodes are subtle with the shared feelings between Castle and Beckett, but its the ones that blatantly show their feelings beyond freindship that are the best. The writers know just what to do to toy with you be it a sentance, a look, a gesture or even a word that makes you just want them to get together and get it over with. Both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic brought their a-game performances with this episode, using their natural chemistry to bring home the subtlest of innuendos.

The side story with Castle’s mom and daughter was strong as well. Alexis reconnects with a childhood friend who has changed a lot, like Goth a lot. It showed the rocky beginnings where the two old friends didn’t really know the people they grew up to be. As always, it is worked out and the two old girlfriends learned to like the new versions of each other. And as always, it provided a scene where Castle is just casually talking to his family when something that is said clicks, and helps him get further along in the mystery.

Now, I have come to the moment where I have to talk about the greatest ending in the history of the show. The case is solved, the group is winding down at the station and Castle is presented with a bottle of the famous Beau James scotch that he has been coveting the whole episode. He talks the Captain Montgomery, Detectives Ryan and Esposito into coming to The Old Haunt to share the bottle. Beckett takes a bit of convincing and here’s where the fun begins. Castle mentions that is is nine o’clock on a Saturday and the takes him to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” (for those not familiar with the song, that is the first line). Castle sings the next phrase and then other guys jump in. They all look at Beckett and she laughs in defeat and starts singing the next part of the verse. Them them all line up, just like out of the Wizard of Oz and continuing signing the song as they “waltz” out the police station to go share a drink together. With all the talk about musical episode with Grey’s Anatomy and Chuck, this was a great way to jump on that wagon without completely going there.

It also provided a great winter wrap for the show that will leave us wanting more when the show comes back in January. And, if the keep releasing spoiler photos like the one included with this blog, it will really get me anxious for the show to return in 2011!


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