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Keep toys and snacks handy when traveling with toddlers

December 18, 2014 Q: We're traveling home for Christmas and this will be our 2-year-old daughter's first flight. I'm feeling stressed and anxious about it. more »»

Wise Warren and Crazy Cruz

December 18, 2014 Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are polar opposites, a Tea Party conservative and an Occupy Wall Street socialist. more »»

Dreamers need not apply for health care

December 18, 2014 With the second open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act coverage underway, millions of Americans are gaining new access to health car. more »»

Parent engagement: Strengthening and developing families

December 17, 2014 Marshalltown Community School District’s strategic action plan calls for a single goal — increase student achievemen. more »»

Don't look for culture war arguments in 2016

December 17, 2014 In an earlier column, I looked at the role the abortion issue would play in the 2016 election -- not very much, I concluded -- and promised another column on other cultural issues. Here goes. more »»

To despair is to surrender

December 17, 2014 This is how a Dec. 8 editorial of the St. more »»

How to honor the kids who died at Sandy Hook

December 17, 2014 Confronted by a hostile Republican Congress, President Barack Obama has chosen to flex his political muscles on a range of pressing issues. more »»

You Need an Insurance Check-up

December 16, 2014 From regular oil changes to changing furnace filters and annual trips to the dentist, smart consumers know that preventive maintenance can avoid costly repairs down the road. more »»

Helping him stay on track

December 15, 2014 Dear Dave, My brother and I recently received an inheritance after our mom died. He’s never been very good with money, so I was proud of him when he used his portion to pay off his debt. more »»

Tech woes

December 14, 2014 I will admit it now ... I am NOT tech savvy. Email confounds me; I barely know what a .pdf file is and I do not spend my days looking at .gif files. more »»

Life’s a bowl of cherries ... chocolate covered cherries

December 14, 2014 It’s time to start making holiday treats. You can buy chocolate covered cherries but you can also make them if you have the time. more »»

Creating a monster

December 14, 2014 As the world watches in horror at the actions of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it’s important to note that this terrorist organization didn’t suddenly appear one... more »»

2015: The year we won the war on kale

December 14, 2014 Global war on terror? Ongoing. War in Iraq ? Ongoing, potentially increasing. War on drugs? I think the drugs won and we just didn’t tell anybody. more »»

The progression of the man-cold

December 14, 2014 Unlike the common cold, the Man Cold can be tricky to overcome. I weakened my immune system to see how I would fare and kept a journal of the ordeal. more »»

Corn prices sweeten

December 13, 2014 As farmers harvested the largest corn crop in history this fall, prices fell to a five-year low, nearing $3 per bushel. more »»

Christmas books

December 13, 2014 This year, Christmas shopping may be an especially welcome respite from the ugly events going on across the country, as mobs take to the streets because grand juries that examined evidence reached... more »»

Do you vote what you drink?

December 13, 2014 Did you know that Democrats drink more than Republicans? Or that they are likelier to choose clear liquors, whereas Republicans tend toward the darker ones? That voters who skew most Republican favo... more »»

Torturing Obama’s legacy

December 13, 2014 An old bumper sticker offered a stinging response to the Bush-Cheney regime’s enthusiasm for waterboarding: “Impeach Bush,” it urged. “Torture Cheney.” Bush and Cheney escaped unscathed. more »»

A safe launch into a New Year

December 12, 2014 Dear Readers: New Year's Eve is right around the corner, and many people celebrate with FIREWORK. more »»

The plague of overcriminalization

December 12, 2014 WASHINGTON — By history’s frequently brutal dialectic, the good that we call progress often comes spasmodically, in lurches propelled by tragedies caused by callousness, folly or ignorance. more »»



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