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Yellen yields on rates

February 13, 2016 Falling stock prices have been painful for investors, and now they appear to be catching the attention of the Federal Reserve as well. more »»

Toxic words

February 13, 2016 During this election year, we are destined to hear many words that are toxic in the way they misrepresent reality and substitute fantasies that can win votes. One of these words is “entitlement. more »»

Some sage advice for Hillary Clinton

February 13, 2016 I come not to rebuke Hillary Clinton, who remains by far the most capable presidential candidate. I come bearing advice for her campaign. Hillary, this is something you sorely need. 1. more »»

Timely school funding approved in Senate

February 13, 2016 For more than 20 years, Iowa’s law has put local school funding first when developing the state budget for the next fiscal year. more »»

When is Christmas over?

February 12, 2016 Dear Readers: During our editorial meeting here in HELOISE CENTRAL, where we discuss what’s interesting, current or a hint we all just love, an interesting question popped up! Question: When do you... more »»

Break the teeth-whitening monopoly

February 12, 2016 WASHINGTON — It is frequently said that, unfortunately, Americans disdain government. It is more usefully said that, unfortunately, they have abundant reasons for doing so. more »»

Thinking the unthinkable

February 12, 2016 WASHINGTON — The unambiguous victories of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire presidential primaries confirm that establishment politics in both major parties are in crisis. more »»

How attitude trumped conservative thought

February 12, 2016 On Monday, grassroots Republican favorite Donald Trump repeated the phrase when an audience member called Ted Cruz a “p——. more »»

Sharing money is part of sharing life for couples

February 11, 2016 Q: My fiance and I are getting married this spring and we’ve run into a conflict concerning finances. more »»

The media’s softness for Sanders and Socialism

February 11, 2016 At the start of the Democratic presidential race, the media viewed the contest as a cakewalk. The compassionate and gloriously wonky Hillary Clinton faced no one who could be viewed as her equal. more »»

Betting the farm on free trade

February 11, 2016 From her home in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Karen Feridun is helping stage a growing citizen pushback against the expansion of natural gas extraction. more »»

Cracking down on abusive debt collectors

February 11, 2016 Have you ever picked up your phone to find an aggressive voice on the other end demanding payments on a debt you know nothing about? You’re far from alone. more »»

Community colleges should be a top priority

February 10, 2016 This year, Iowa’s Community Colleges will celebrate 50 years of exceptional dedication in providing high quality educational programs and services accessible to all Iowans. more »»

How history shapes the New Hampshire primary

February 10, 2016 Benning Wentworth is not a name you’ll run across in New Hampshire primary coverage. more »»

This Progressive doesn’t need your lectures

February 10, 2016 Have I mentioned lately how much I’m enjoying the lectures from self-avowed liberals who insist my respect for Hillary Clinton is proof that I am not a “real progressive”? It’s not just men — my... more »»

Can sitcoms erase bigotry?

February 9, 2016 So it turns out sitcoms can erase bigotry. That’s the bottom line of a study recently presented before a conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. more »»

How to rid a car of that stinky smell of smoke

February 9, 2016 As you know, I travel quite a bit, which means I have the need to rent cars. Most of the time that goes well, and by “well” I mean I land a fantastic daily rate and I get to test drive a nice new car. more »»

The remainderman

February 8, 2016 Donald Trump won more votes in the Iowa caucuses than any Republican candidate in history. Impressive, except Ted Cruz set the new all-time record. more »»

Cracking the code of campaign speak

February 8, 2016 “Do you ever get the feeling,” asked humorist Robert Orben, “that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right?” But even after real, live Americans actually do vote in... more »»

Dating and the budget

February 8, 2016 Dear Dave, I’ve been following your plan, and I’ve finally gotten out of debt and feel I have control of my finances. more »»



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