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What happens when private money pays for science?

January 9, 2016 As a select few accumulate massive fortunes, two schools of thought vie on how to funnel some of that money toward the public good. more »»

Welcoming 2016 at the Iowa Veterans home

January 9, 2016 As we welcome a new year, I want to publicly express what an honor it is to serve as Commandant of the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH). more »»

A stamp of approval for notes

January 8, 2016 Dear Readers: A HANDWRITTEN NOTE OR LETTER seems to mean more today than years ago. Text and email are fine for quick notes, but a birthday card or handwritten note is something one can keep foreve. more »»

The criminalization of politics

January 8, 2016 “Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent. more »»

Soon the real voting starts

January 8, 2016 WASHINGTON — After more than a year of poll-gazing of all varieties, the real 2016 presidential campaign year has arrived, with Donald Trump still far ahead in the Republican nomination race and the... more »»

Iowans should support the Renewable Fuels Standard

January 8, 2016 Every four years, Iowa has the unique opportunity to be the first in the nation caucus. more »»

When you’re the only one ...

January 7, 2016 I could say I understand what it’s like to be a single parent but I really don’t. more »»

Burying negative polls

January 7, 2016 Network news outlets conduct their own polls. They also bury the poll results when they don’t like them. On PBS on Jan. 1, liberal pundit Mark Shields brought some very bad news for the lef. more »»

Enstrictly speaking, 2016 could be a trailrazer

January 7, 2016 My 9-year-old daughter hunkers down for hours with the Warriors books. more »»

K-12 Education: It’s not all about the funding

January 7, 2016 Iowa has long been known for being a leader in public education. In fact, the back of the Iowa quarter minted in 2004 depicts a schoolhouse and the phrase “Foundation in Education. more »»

Implementing the Comprehensive Literacy Model

January 6, 2016 Franklin Elementary School kindergarten teachers Amy Phillips, Blair Struble and Rhonda Vaske, in collaboration with the instructional coach, Elizabeth Overstake, have been working this year to... more »»

Battening down the hatches, reminiscent of the 1930s

January 6, 2016 Battening down the hatches. more »»

How racists talk about Tamir Rice

January 6, 2016 A little time has passed since a grand jury in Cleveland refused to indict two white police officers responsible for the November 2014 death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was black. more »»

Space: The visionaries take over

January 6, 2016 WASHINGTON — Fractured and divided as we are, on one thing we can agree: 2015 was a miserable yea. more »»

‘Star Wars’ and slavery: a quandary awakens

January 5, 2016 If you’re opposed to slavery, is it OK to still like “Star Wars”? It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with ever since Jonathan Last, a friend and writer at the Weekly Standard, pointed out to me... more »»

The Goldwater talking point

January 5, 2016 In 1964, Senator Barry Goldwater lost the presidential election to Lyndon Johnson. Since then, Barry Goldwater’s loss has become a talking point about why conservatives cannot wi. more »»

Drowning in scraps of fabric

January 5, 2016 Long-time readers of this column may remember the reader who wanted to know where she could donate her fabric scraps. more »»

You can catch up later

January 4, 2016 Dear Dave, I work in IT, and I recently learned that I’ll be losing my $88,000 a year job at the end of February. We’re debt-free, except for our home, and we have a full emergency fund in plac. more »»

Winners & Losers: 2015

January 4, 2016 Each year, “The McLaughlin Group,” the longest-running panel show on national TV, which began in 1982, announces its awards for the winners and losers and the best and the worst of the year. more »»

When Americans really were exceptional

January 4, 2016 David Brooks, a New York Times columnist and my valued colleague on PBS’ “NewsHour,” has told of having heard a rebroadcast of “Command Performance,” a radio show that went out to U.S. more »»



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