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Plant problem drives her gnatty!

March 14, 2014 Dear Heloise: Help! I repotted a houseplant with cheap topsoil, and now I have GNATS. I moved the plant outside, cleaned and sprayed my house, but they keep coming back! They are driving me craz. more »»

Check various resources before adopting a child

March 13, 2014 Q: I've heard that you were abandoned and orphaned as a child, and that Focus on the Family is encouraging adoption through the foster care syste. more »»

What is cyberbullying and how can it be addressed?

March 12, 2014 “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words…” can break my heart. For years, we’ve finished this phrase with “can never hurt me. more »»

Meet me in Altoona

March 11, 2014 We all know Iowa is widely considered a flyover state, but I’m beginning to think we are a drive-through state as well. more »»

At least the trains run on time

March 9, 2014 My friend, confidant and personal selection to lead mankind’s first mission to Mars, Vladimir Putin, is once again in the news. more »»

Dear Me: An open letter to myself

March 9, 2014 Dear Me, I’m writing you this letter as a way to try to talk some sense into you. more »»

Here it is ... another batch of really terrific reader tips

March 8, 2014 ONE HOT DATE. Our village does not offer garbage pickup as a municipal service, so residents can contract with whomever they desire. For years we paid about $25 per month for weekly pickup. more »»

Tantrum stoppers that work

March 6, 2014 Yes, it can be a parents most embarrassing time; when your toddler goes limp in the store and starts to scream at the top of their voice: “No, I don’t want to go” or “ I want that toy!” We have all... more »»

Federal financial aid is key for many college students

March 5, 2014 A recent report published by the Association of Community College Trustees (2013) emphasizes the reality that “higher education has become essential for collective economic prosperity and individual... more »»

Very predictable answers

March 4, 2014 Being in this business awhile and doing thousands of interviews, it’s almost like I know the answer to questions before I even ask them. more »»

Preaching to the hungriest choir

March 2, 2014 In a bold move to catapult the United States back onto the top spot of world wide obesity rankings (watch your back, Mexico!) the good people at Taco Bell have announced they will start to offer... more »»

Birthdays are fraught with peril

March 2, 2014 The best part about a birthday party for a four-year-old that isn’t yours is nothing. There is no good thing about it. more »»

Becoming ‘throwers of starfish’

March 2, 2014 I am surrounded with friends and family who do not share the same passion of green and organic living as me. more »»

Working out the gyms

February 28, 2014 Dear Readers: Many folks JOIN GYMS around the start of the yea. more »»

Issues in the bedroom affect couple’s intimacy

February 27, 2014 Q: How can a couple resolve issues over the frequency of sex? My wife would be content making love once a month, which doesn't come close to satisfying me. more »»

Celebrate youth art month

February 26, 2014 March is Youth Art Month and every year the auditorium at Fisher Community Center fills up with amazing artwork created by the students in Marshalltown Community School Distric. more »»

Ten years in Iowa

February 25, 2014 It’s been nearly 10 years since I threw caution to the wind, loaded up my car with my worldly (and not-so-worldly) possessions and ventured off to a new place called Iowa. more »»

Let’s keep talking, even if it’s tough

February 23, 2014 This week we asked for input from our readers on a topic that’s not the most comfortable to talk about — racism. More specifically, racism in Marshalltown. more »»

Netflix versus The World

February 23, 2014 So, who spent Valentine’s Day in the dark embrace of politics, back stabbing and murder? I really hope you know I’m talking about watching season 2 of “House of Cards;” otherwise that might be the... more »»

Fixing plumbing is a pipe dream

February 23, 2014 I don’t mean to brag, but I’m probably the handiest guy currently in my living room (sorry wife, sister-in-law, baby and cat!). Wait, Mike Rowe just came on the TV trying to sell me a Ford. more »»



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