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Here’s to a New Year!

January 1, 2016 Dear Readers: HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE to all! Hope tomorrow starts out good and ends up on the same note. It’s been a rocky year, so let’s all hope for the best. more »»

Before government became reviled

January 1, 2016 WASHINGTON — Soon, voters will have the opportunity and impertinence to insert themselves into the 2016 presidential conversation that thus far has been the preoccupation of journalists and other... more »»

For Obama, it’s not delusion, it’s purpose

January 1, 2016 Good news, America: the Obama administration has achieved peace in Syria. more »»

Some tips on making New Year’s resolutions stick in 2016

December 31, 2015 Q: With a new year upon us, I’ve once again made a long list of resolutions I intend to kee. more »»

Bill Clinton's predatory behavior: Fair game

December 31, 2015 Hillary Clinton has slammed Donald Trump for having a "penchant for sexism," but the Clinton-adoring media are acting shocked and dismayed that Trump would be so rude as to respond that she ought to... more »»

Trump and Nader not so opposite

December 31, 2015 Legendary citizens’ rights activist Ralph Nader and globally influential business titan Donald Trump might seem miles apart. But I submit that in fundamental ways, they are not. more »»

Meeting workforce needs

December 30, 2015 Pre-employment training is a proven method to identify the best applicants and train potential employees on key skills needed for a job. more »»

Off we go, into the new year

December 30, 2015 After a certain age, favorite holiday memories tend to meld into tales too good to be true. This is human nature. We want to believe we’re better than the evidence suggests. more »»

Supreme court grapples, once again, with redistricting

December 30, 2015 Fifty-one years ago the Supreme Court handed down its one-person-one-vote decision, requiring that within each state congressional and legislative districts must have equal populations. more »»

Pay-as-you-go is a great way to go

December 29, 2015 It’s not easy being a consumer these days. In fact, it can be downright confusing because of all the payment choices. First, you have your cash, your checkbook, credit and debit cards. more »»

Party’s over: time for GOP to dump Trump

December 29, 2015 Editors Note: Leonard Pitts is on vacation. He will file again on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. more »»

The glorious impossible

December 29, 2015 Nine years ago this past week my wife was given six months to live. On the same day that we received that diagnosis, I lost my job. more »»

Holidays and family

December 28, 2015 Dear Dave, I haven’t spoken to my mom and sister in more than six months. Over time, I realized we have a real clash of moral values that has led to arguments and hard feeling. more »»

Clearing the desk

December 28, 2015 Here are a few admittedly random opinions and thoughts, more or less collected from my bedside table and pants pockets. more »»

Islam and the West: an irreconcilable conflict?

December 28, 2015 “I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to Muslims here ... and ... around the world, that there is a ‘clash of civilizations. more »»

The year 2015, in 1,176 words or less

December 27, 2015 Gather the family, lock the doors and shut off your phone, because it is time once again for the Old Cold/New Hotness list of 2015, y’all! Resurrected film franchise 2015: “Star Wars” Was there... more »»

Celebrate the new year with these recipes

December 27, 2015 Hard to believe 2015 is almost over. Here are some recipes to ring in 2016. Simple Sauerkraut Balls 1 medium onion 1/4 c. margarine 1/2 c. water 1/4 c. flour 1 lb. sauerkraut, drained 1/4 c. more »»

Pssst ... it’s me, your decorations

December 27, 2015 A Dec. 27 message from your Christmas decorations…Sooo ... this is awkward. It’s Dec. 27 and I know what you’re thinking: you need to take us down. But just a second; hear us out. more »»

The busybody Left

December 26, 2015 The political left has been trying to run other people’s lives for centuries. more »»

What half-in, half-out relationships may do to health

December 26, 2015 High on most checklists for ensuring a long and healthy life is being married. Marriage is said to bestow protective health benefits, such as low blood pressure and better cholesterol numbers. more »»



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