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Son’s focus on sports affecting academics

October 17, 2013 Q: How can I help my 14-year-old son turn his grades around? I used to tutor him when he was younger, but lately he's refused my help. Right now the only thing he's into is basketball. more »»

AEA physical therapists support students in accessing a full education

October 16, 2013 Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who work with patients across their lifespan to help improve their quality of life by decreasing pain and improving mobility and function. more »»

Sibling love can also hurt

October 15, 2013 Now, 21 months into our two-kid household, I have no doubt that our 5 year old and almost 2 year old love each other. The problem comes when they love each other too much. more »»

The perpetuity of a modern catch phrase

October 13, 2013 Remember when people used to say “Don’t go there?” Since some of our less cultured grandparents are just now adopting the phrase we can safely date the phenomenon at roughly 15-20 years ol. more »»

Take a ride with me

October 13, 2013 One of life’s little pleasures is test driving new vehicles. Think about it; someone you’ve never met before gives you the keys to a brand new car and just lets you just drive it around for awhile. more »»

The joys of raising financially confident teens

October 12, 2013 DEAR MARY: As a teen, my daughter wanted name brand jeans, clothing, shoes -- whatever she thought all of the "cool" kids had. She wouldn't step into a thrift shop or discount store. more »»

Readers arrange the puzzle

October 11, 2013 Dear Readers: Wow! Are my readers super! A reader had a problem: How to FRAME A PUZZLE? Here are just a few of the hints you shared: Elaine in Alabama wrote: "You can find tons of good frames, all... more »»

Halloween safety for young children

October 10, 2013 Halloween is fast approaching and, as we do each year, we worry about our little ones on the year’s most spooky night! And we worry about whether we can keep them safe and still let them have fun. more »»

New initiatives at IVCE enhance student support

October 9, 2013 Iowa Valley Continuing Education is moving forward with several initiatives that reaffirm our commitment to students and stakeholders in our communities. more »»

Fate works in strange ways

October 8, 2013 Do you ever wonder how your life would be changed if fate didn’t come into play? I wonder if I chickened out on that double date offer from one of my friends in 2006 if I would have ever met my... more »»

I found a path to an antique land

October 6, 2013 I have discovered time travel and, naturally, it all started while speaking to a customer service representative. Just like H.G Wells, Kurt Vonnegut or Doc Brown. more »»

A sight for sore legs

October 6, 2013 Sometimes when my wife forces me to go to the gym because I’m “not beefcake studly enough” for her (her words), I find myself confronted with many other humans. more »»

Being green for the fall festivities

October 6, 2013 As the festivities are beginning around the world the hearts are poured with so much excitement. This year seems to be flying by fast. more »»

Life above your circumstances

October 5, 2013 Her letter was long. Page after page she went on about every aspect of her miserable life. more »»

Son’s graduation brings up old family tensions

October 3, 2013 Q: I've never gotten along with my in-laws. Three years ago, there was a huge argument and we haven't spoken since. more »»

Iowa Core Mathematics Standards, focusing on fewer topics and learning more

October 2, 2013 INSIDE EDUCATION The Common Core State Standards in Literacy and Mathematics were integrated into the Iowa Core (IC) in June 2010. All Iowa schools are required to implement the IC. more »»

Oktemberfest a big success

October 1, 2013 I looked around at a crowded Veterans Memorial Coliseum and people having the time of their lives at the Joe Diffie concert Saturday night, and then and there, deemed the 2013 Oktemberfest a succes. more »»

A little less reality, a few more ducks on TV

September 29, 2013 If you try to start a conversation with someone about TV this week here is how it’s going to go: “Hey, did you see that ... more »»

Going broke at the market

September 29, 2013 Farmers markets are great places to get 4 percent of the items on your weekly grocery list while spending 80 percent of your weekly food budget. more »»

Fly for free? Maybe

September 28, 2013 DEAR MARY: My husband and I own a small business, and we are looking for a credit card that offers reward air mile. more »»



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