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The case for remembering

July 10, 2015 Dear Heloise: When I travel, I take my own pillow for comfort. I have a very colorful print PILLOWCASE to put on it so that it doesn't blend in with the hotel's pillows. more »»

A tantrum masquerading as governance

July 10, 2015 WASHINGTON -- When Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras decided to call a referendum on a bailout offer from Greece's creditors -- an offer that expired before Sunday's referendum -- he informed the Greek... more »»

Breathing life into the presidential debates

July 10, 2015 WASHINGTON -- The only noteworthy aspect of the otherwise meaningless Donald Trump spurt in the public-opinion polls is that if it holds up, it will buy him a ticket into the first of the Republican... more »»

Veto of MHI funding hurts vulnerable Iowans

July 10, 2015 As part of ongoing efforts to improve mental health services, we voted this year to make it easier for Iowans to receive mental health and substance abuse treatment closer to home. more »»

The benefits of outside play

July 9, 2015 Do you remember playing in the “great outdoors” as a kid? It was always fun to be outside with friends, whether talking, cycling, walking or playing games and sports. more »»

Hillary and her roped media herd

July 9, 2015 Hillary Clinton’s campaign again signaled its contempt for the press during a July 4 parade in New Hampshire. Aides brought out ropes to cordon off the medi. more »»

Flagging hate speech

July 9, 2015 I’ve spent my whole life in the Northeast, but I have Southern roots. My late grandfather came from a long line of sharecroppers who toiled in the fields of Decatur, Georgia for generations. more »»


July 9, 2015 Here are a variety of questions posed on the internet, the source of all wisdom. Or not. more »»

Know your medications

July 8, 2015 Medication adherence usually refers to whether patients take their medications as prescribed (e.g., twice daily), as well as whether they continue to take a prescribed medication at all. more »»

Redistricting not worth the verbal footwork

July 8, 2015 "Words mean what they say," I wrote in my Washington Examiner column one week ago. But, as I added, not necessarily to a majority of justices of the Supreme Court. more »»

What a gay day for Christians

July 8, 2015 This column is in response to my fellow Christians who insist they're not bigots just because they oppose marriage equality. more »»

My hate-love relationship with a skillet

July 7, 2015 I really don’t know where I got the thing. It might have been a wedding gift. What I know is that I tried to use that cast iron skillet without success and I mean not even a little bit. more »»

Mass hysteria in America

July 7, 2015 In the 1400s, a nun in a French convent started making sounds like a cat. Other nuns began to do the same. Eventually, they started biting one anothe. more »»

The Girl Scouts’ inspiring example of moral courage

July 7, 2015 Thank heaven for little girls. more »»

Pause investing for a luxury?

July 6, 2015 Dear Dave, Where should you save for large expenditures when you’re doing the Baby Steps? — Heath Dear Heath, Depending on what the expenditure is, I would suggest saving for these sorts of things... more »»

Europe’s real existential crisis

July 6, 2015 However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving the eurozone, or submitting and accepting austerity at the dictates of its creditors, the European Union appears headed for an existential... more »»

Donald Trump: in the “American” tradition

July 6, 2015 Lately, blows have been dealt to the conventional wisdom surrounding billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. First, the smart money told us that M. more »»

It’s all Greek to me ... and them

July 5, 2015 If you asked a classroom of kids to draw a picture of Greece what do you think it would look like? About a third of the kids would hear the word “grease” and draw either a puddle of oily sludge that... more »»

Meet Kelly, your tour guide

July 5, 2015 When I was in Cub Scouts, I learned some pretty valuable lessons, the most important being if your mom is the troop leader she gives all the other scouts the good cookies. more »»

Fireworks in the grains

July 4, 2015 The grain markets had one of their most explosive weeks in over a year, despite a holiday-shortened trading week. more »»



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