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How to be prepared, not scared

May 31, 2014 We get so many earthquakes in Southern California, we're on first-name basis with the world-renown seismologist at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, Dr. Kate (Hutton. more »»

Add water, get rid of carpet dents

May 30, 2014 Dear Heloise: I've seen the hints about removing or at least alleviating CARPET INDENTATIONS before, but I cannot find the clipping I saved. Would you please readdress this in your column? -- Lynne A. more »»

Keeping kids safe from abduction

May 29, 2014 It’s a different world! How often I here that statement anymore; especially when it comes to our children’s safety. And a different world it is ... more »»

Pains creep in as I get older

May 27, 2014 It’s official, I’m getting old. I have figured this out by considering some of the pains I’ve had latel. more »»

Zabby zooby: A farewell to Adam Sandler

May 25, 2014 When I was in high school I?drove a pretty bad car. I was privy to such a ride from my parents, firm believers in the age old adage of “don’t give a nice car to a young driver. more »»

Job application: Whole Foods

May 25, 2014 So you want to be a Whole Foods employee. We don’t blame you. more »»

Tragically, not every day is Pi Day!

May 24, 2014 Dear Mary: Thanks so much for including the San Francisco Exploratorium in a recent column! We have changed our schedule of free days and are no longer free to the public on the first Wednesday of... more »»

Husband wants to remove ring

May 23, 2014 Dear Heloise: I read your column every morning in the Kerrville (Texas) Daily Times. Help! I'm in the doghouse! I set a glass on my wife's nice furniture, and it LEFT A RING. more »»

Parents are concerned about kids’ sleepovers

May 22, 2014 Q: What's your opinion about overnight group activities for elementary-grade children? We want our kids to have fun with their friends, but we're concerned about exposing them to inappropriate... more »»

Becoming a children’s TV critic

May 20, 2014 It seems just as I’m getting into watching a sporting event on television lately a kid walks in the room and requests the channel be turned to one of their shows. more »»

Embracing nature, and people too

May 18, 2014 I like Riverview Park. I like going there alone, on my lunch break, with my family and for events. I think it’s a nice little gem, and one of many, in Marshalltown. more »»

Dredging up the dregs with Drudge

May 18, 2014 Clinton was the first president that I really liked. more »»

You’re qualified for a SPECIAL OFFER

May 18, 2014 Things must’ve been so much more difficult in the 1920s when the world was in black & whit. more »»

Great cookbooks for kitchen newbies

May 17, 2014 Dear Mary: My young grandson is getting married soon, and neither he nor his fiance can cook. more »»

The best-laid plan for mice and pets

May 16, 2014 Dear Heloise: How do I get rid of MICE without poisoning my pets? We have a cat and a dog, and I worry about using rat poison. more »»

It’s vacation time

May 15, 2014 I remember all too well those pre-planned family vacations that were supposed to be so fun; you see yourself in the car having a good time listening to the kids laughing and singing songs only... more »»

Hearing is the foundation to reading

May 14, 2014 The “buzz” in the academic community is “Spread the Word, Read by Third.” There are three main areas of focus for improvement to make this happen. more »»

Bargaining for Band-Aids

May 13, 2014 Of all the things I thought were the duties of a parent, I didn’t know Band-Aid bargaining would be one of them. more »»

Instant noodles: Better than a Walkman

May 11, 2014 Who doesn’t love a cup of noodles? Whether you’re a poor college student unwilling to spend more than $5 for a week’s worth of food or you’re at a shady truck stop and assume the only thing capable... more »»

A proud spectator of a fine duck

May 11, 2014 If you’ve ever watched a flock of ducks flopping over themselves to get to a piece of bread, you’ve essentially watched youth soccer, only the ducks are more coordinated and score more soccer... more »»



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