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And the bar drops another inch

December 8, 2013 Reality TV has spent the better part of the 21st century burning through every facet of the human experience in an attempt to find the absolute bottom of the barrel of television programming. more »»

Invasion of the white devils

December 8, 2013 When a baby gets his or her first teeth, it’s thought of by many as a happy milestone in the life of your child. Well, with all due respect, those people are childless fools. more »»

Readers share ways to use this for that

December 7, 2013 Eyeglass cleaner. If you're out when you realize your glasses or purse mirror needs cleaning, try using a drop of hand sanitizer to give you crystal-clear results instantly. more »»

When the letters are scrambled

December 6, 2013 Dear Heloise: I love to solve the SCRAMBLED-WORD PUZZLES in the paper. The Sunday solution usually is very long, and writing the letters out in a row still is hard to figure out. more »»

STEM education growing in Marshalltown

December 4, 2013 November has been a big month for Marshalltown Schools. On Nov. 18 we welcomed Gov. Terry Branstad to Marshalltown High School and the opening of our new Project Lead The Way classrooms. more »»

Beware of self-proclaimed nicknames

December 3, 2013 Don’t you love people that give themselves their own nickname? Yeah, I know it sounds kind of desperate and I’m thinking I should steer clear of them. more »»

The worthless, leftover days of November

December 1, 2013 Who remembers turning 24? Right now there is some current and/or future funny uncle/aunt that’s thinking “if you can remember it you didn’t do it right!” Ha. Ha. H. more »»

At Thanksgiving, bird is the word

December 1, 2013 For the past several Thanksgivings, I’ve spent the holiday much like those attending the very first one in 1621: not watching football on giant plasma screen television with commentary coming out of... more »»

Create quality time, simple greeting

December 1, 2013 Have you felt the lightness of the moment when everything is organized in life? I am a person with a long checklist of things to do and ongoing quest to clear my lis. more »»

Covered plate may tempt fate

November 29, 2013 Dear Readers: Is the LICENSE PLATE on your auto easy to read? In many states, it's illegal to alter a license plat. more »»

Family tension may erase holiday plans

November 28, 2013 Q: My spouse doesn't get along with my parents and siblings. The situation has gotten so bad that he doesn't even want to travel to attend our annual Thanksgiving celebration at my parents' hom. more »»

To tree or not to tree?

November 26, 2013 It’s the holiday season and that question of parents with small children has come about again this year. “To tree or not to tree?” is the question for the holiday season. more »»

The nefarious plan of William von Meister

November 24, 2013 In a scant few we will see the culmination of a decades old plan, crafted by a mad genius, to drain every iota of your attention and every dollar from your bank account. more »»

When raking, misery loves company

November 24, 2013 There are many things that can end a relationship. Money, infidelity but one of the biggest threats is leaves. Yes, leaves. more »»

Vinegar: One powerful household product

November 23, 2013 It costs hardly anything, is available in every grocery store in the universe and is so useful around your home that you are going to have a hard time believing it. That's the power of vinegar. more »»

Showing children how to be thankful by being thankful

November 21, 2013 Thanksgiving is only a week away and I wanted to share some things that I am truly thankful for, and also give you some ideas on how to teach your child how to be thankful. more »»

Adult literacy and education programs enhanced

November 20, 2013 It has been a whirlwind year for Iowa’s adult literacy and education programs. This year marks the first time Iowa’s community colleges received state funding earmarked for adult literacy education. more »»

The mysteries of Marshalltown

November 19, 2013 I’ve lived in Marshalltown more than six years now and I’m still trying to figure out a few things. Living in a place for awhile you tend to notice some oddities that can be real head-scratchers. more »»

Tats, temp tats and the robot apocalypseTats, temp tats and the robot apocalypse

November 17, 2013 When I was around seven years old I remember being scared of tattoos. This has since passed, unlike my childhood fear of clowns which remains both compelling and active. more »»

Open letter to the rock-thrower

November 17, 2013 Dear kid that threw a rock at my car on an S-curve causing a fury of emotions — including fury, Are you OK? I mean, here I was MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS when I came upon you either A) playing the real... more »»



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