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Talk to my spouse? Forget it!

August 31, 2013 DEAR MARY: I try to save some money out of every paycheck, but life happens, and I spend whatever is necessary on whatever emergency arise. more »»

A clean look at wallpaper

August 30, 2013 Dear Heloise: I was wondering if you had a solution to CLEAN WALLPAPER? Thank you very much. -- J.S., via email You bet I do, and it's using a cheap cleaning solution that you can make at home. more »»

When children favor one parent

August 29, 2013 I have seen it many times in the last several years where a child will favor one parent over the other, for a short time anyway. more »»

IVCCD receives “clean bill of health”

August 28, 2013 As we begin the new academic year, Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) does so with a “clean bill of health” from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which is our accrediting body with... more »»

Future streaker? Probably just a phase

August 27, 2013 Watch out if you are at a sporting event or another gathering of people in 18 years — I think I have a streaker on my hands. more »»

The day the french fries went away

August 25, 2013 Young people leave Marshalltown. more »»

Behold, a child is born

August 25, 2013 At this point in the story, we arrived at the hospital after my wife finished getting “ready” following the “breaking of her water”, which is still a weird saying. more »»

Revealed: The magic in Mr. Clean's Erasers!

August 24, 2013 DEAR MARY: I read your advice to use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean up dirty leather handbags. more »»

More mileage for the money

August 23, 2013 Dear Readers: Saving money is on everyone's mind these days. Here are some hints to improve GAS MILEAGE: * Have your car tuned up on a regular basis. Fix any major problems as soon as possible. more »»

Allowances can teach kids about responsibility

August 22, 2013 (Editors: A version of this column ran in November 2012.) Q: We have three children, and we are looking at any advice you can give us on how we should do money allowances in our household. more »»

Shaving and driving? Yep, I saw it

August 20, 2013 Kudos to the Iowa Department of Transportation, which has come up with a smart phone application to deter texting while driving. more »»

Anarchy, cronuts plague Iowa State Fair

August 18, 2013 There is a long and storied history of innovation here in Iowa. more »»

Having a baby? Sure, take your time

August 18, 2013 When it’s time to give birth to a baby, there’s a standard 11-step process the male (or “person-in-the-delivery-room-nobody-cares-about”) half typically follows, particularly if woken up from a deep... more »»

Mattress management

August 16, 2013 Dear Heloise: After putting it off for too many years, we finally replaced our 15-year-old MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING set. We didn't have to break the ban. more »»

Important milestones for preschoolers

August 15, 2013 Many of you will have children starting preschool very soon. more »»

Brushes with fame on the job

August 13, 2013 Ok, I can now add another celebrity to my brushes with fame list while working in the media. Frank Fritz, of “American Pickers,” and I talked for a few minutes last Friday at the Iowa State Fair. more »»

‘Breaking Bad!’ ‘Breaking Bad!’ ‘Breaking Bad!’

August 11, 2013 So, has anybody out there heard about how the sun’s magnetic field is going to reverse in three or four months? No, you haven’t, because you’ve probably been too focused on “Breaking Bad” returning... more »»

Growing up? Thanks, but no thanks

August 11, 2013 “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. more »»

Cutting down the shock factor

August 9, 2013 Dear Heloise: Do you or your readers have any suggestions for preventing static electricity shock? Getting out of cars is especially painful, and is really bad during the dry winter months. more »»

Teen’s use of marijuana causes tension in family

August 8, 2013 Q: What can we do about our teen's use of marijuana? When we confronted him, he said that it's now socially acceptable and on the verge of being legalized. more »»



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