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A bright spot in a bleak economy

January 13, 2010 So, Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling — at least not at Marshalltown’s Lennox plant. more »»

Halting action on cell phone ban is the right choice

January 6, 2010 Everyone knows that texting and chatting behind the wheel can be a dangerous and sometimes fatal habit — undoubtedly, something needs to be done. more »»

H1N1 vaccine — now it’s your turn

December 16, 2009 This week all Iowans became eligible to receive the H1N1 vaccination. Our local department of public health has been working tirelessly to get those at highest risk vaccinated. more »»

Keeping kids warm project is an admirable effort

December 8, 2009 Brrr. It’s cold out there. more »»

A remarkable season — a remarkable team

November 24, 2009 It’s not often that a community gets to share in the excitement Marshalltown has experienced this fall. more »»

What we call “swine flu”

September 11, 2009 A gricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack’s accusation that the media is worsening the pork industry by calling the H1N1 virus the swine flu seems appropriate. more »»

School board race should draw local attention

August 27, 2009 They oversee thousands of students and millions of dollars. more »»

Staying vigilant in the face of H1N1

August 21, 2009 When Marshall County was hit with the H1N1 virus this spring and quickly set the state’s record number of cases, local officials jumped into action for the protection of our community. more »»

Reasons to believe in our young people

July 18, 2009 You hear the question posed often. “What is wrong with our youth nowadays?” People call them disrespectful, lewd and vulgar. more »»

Coach Thomas represented Aplington-Parkersburg spirit

June 25, 2009 Words cannot describe the horror Central Iowans felt when they first heard about the senseless killing of Aplington-Parkersburg Football Coach Ed Thomas Wednesday mornin. more »»

History Lesson for Independence Day

June 23, 2009 Celebrating the Fourth of July has been more in the public eye this year in Newton because in a very tight budget year the City Council wasn’t sure it had the money to pay for the usual fireworks... more »»

Aliant Energy’s other option is still a good investment for community

March 8, 2009 Marshalltown and all of Central Iowa received some bad news last week when local officials learned the much anticipated coal-fired power plant proposed two years ago by Alliant Energy will not be... more »»

The best ‘change’ isn’t tax and spend

January 8, 2009 It has become accepted wisdom in Washington that soon after President-elect Barack Obama takes office, he and Congress will team up to implement a truly gigantic “stimulus” program that will spend a... more »»

O night, divine

December 24, 2008 ‘Twas the night before Christma. more »»

Let there be peace

December 23, 2008 A phrase we often hear this time of year is one wishing all “peace on earth.” We couldn’t agree more. more »»

Request for financial relief for Senior Citizens Center deserves City Backing

December 21, 2008 The Senior Citizens Center in Marshalltown has long served an important purpose for the older citizens of our community. We’d like to see that continu. more »»

Our Take

December 20, 2008 The Times-Republican rolls out a new editorial feature this week – Our Take on the News. more »»

No sand, no safety

December 18, 2008 Another snowstorm, another disappointment. more »»

Economic recovery? Not with this plan

December 10, 2008 In many ways, the so-called “recovery plan” being discussed by liberal leaders in Congress sounds very much like political payback, not economic stimulus. more »»

Who's next?

December 9, 2008 Everywhere we turn these days, someone is talking about bailouts. more »»



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