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As election nears, more of us are seeing through Obama’s deceptions

August 31, 2008 Public opinion polls indicate that more and more Americans are beginning to see through Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign of charisma and deception. more »»

Time once again for our annual Equal Rites Awards presentation

August 27, 2008 Once more we honor our foremothers by celebrating the anniversary of the passage of women’s suffrage (Aug. 26). more »»

Debates don’t appeal to someone who doesn’t think well on his feet

August 24, 2008 Sen. Barack Obama has made it official, in a way: He’s afraid to debate Sen. John McCain. more »»

Energy Woes

August 23, 2008 Clean coal technology needs to be a key part of the nation’s energy mix in the future. more »»

Keeping President Bush out of mischief?

August 21, 2008 Liberals in the U.S. Senate are not willing to meet this month to discuss energy legislation — but are eager to use a childish maneuver designed solely to spite President Bush. more »»

Even if they ask nicely, ICE won’t likely find many voluntary deportees

August 19, 2008 Federal immigrations officials, unable to even slow the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, have come up with one of the most ridiculous ideas ever to originate in Washington, D.C. more »»

With great fanfare and celebration, China bid the world welcome

August 17, 2008 The Olympic Games are “pure” sport, not a forum for governments to promote their own policies or crack down on opponents, right? Wrong. more »»

Think on his feet?

August 16, 2008 Sen. Barack Obama has made it official, in a way: He’s afraid to debate Sen. John McCain. more »»

Gas Prices

August 10, 2008 Sen. John McCain is coming under fire from liberals for pointing out that his opponent in the campaign for president, Barack Obama, is part of the problem in regard to high energy prices. more »»

Clean The Air

August 6, 2008 Competitors and spectators at the Olympic Games in Beijing will see with their own eyes why progressive nations are refusing to agree to so-called “clean air” treaties that would come down hard on... more »»

Obama is more interested in pleasing voters than supporting our troops

August 5, 2008 From one day to the next, it is difficult to predict what Sen. Barack Obama’s position on the war in Iraq will be. more »»

When it comes to the value of the Bush tax cuts, Obama is ignoring the truth

August 2, 2008 Taxes. People have gone to prison for paying too little tax and have fought wars because they felt they were taxed too much. Let’s face it; nobody really likes to pay taxes. more »»

Progress In Iraq

July 31, 2008 What once was Barack Obama’s top campaign boast, that he would pull U.S. troops out of Iraq quickly, no longer is a good talking point for the candidate. U.S. more »»

Most Americans can see the real value of keeping the Bush tax cuts

July 27, 2008 Sen. John Kerry was trying to make a point unflattering to Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain recently — but an examination of his comment does just the opposite. more »»

There’s only one word that can be used when talking about terrorism. It must be erradicated

July 24, 2008 Taliban and al-Qaida terrorists seem to be gaining strength in Afghanistan, and may have increased the tempo of their attacks in order to affect elections in the United States. more »»

For those banks who didn’t play by the rules, we have no sympathy

July 20, 2008 Members of the Federal Reserve Board plan to issue new regulations for mortgage bankers. more »»

Regain Power

July 17, 2008 It has been a “tough month” for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, as President Bush admitted recently. That should prompt U.S. more »»

Medicare needs an overhaul, there’s no doubt about that, but Congress needs to step up with A Little Courage

July 15, 2008 No politician wants to alienate a large voting bloc during an election year — and senior citizens are feared especially. more »»

$4 Gas

July 13, 2008 Congress is not likely to approve any meaningful energy-related legislation this summer, even as motorists begin to wonder whether $4 a gallon gasoline soon may be a fond memory — not to mention the... more »»

Congress should take action to ensure future of ‘Meals on Wheels’

July 12, 2008 One of the most important initiatives serving senior citizens is that often referred to as “Meals on Wheels. more »»



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