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Politics as usual

June 29, 2008 It’s going to be a long, misleading summer, to judge by the intellectually dishonest smear attack already being mounted against Republican candidate for president Sen. John McCain. more »»

Obama may be an eloquent speaker, but he also needs to double-check the facts before he goes

June 26, 2008 Sen. Barack Obama, unofficially the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, has wasted no time in stretching the truth. As it became apparent that he will face Sen. more »»

‘We, the people’

June 22, 2008 While we do not believe that Sen. more »»

Environmental bill’s proponents forgot to mention the economic sticker shock

June 21, 2008 It is unlikely that an astronomically expensive pollution control bill being championed by many environmentalists will be approved by the U.S. Senate. more »»

Real issues

June 19, 2008 Now that Sen. Barack Obama clearly will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, facing Sen. John McCain in the November election, Americans can get down to examining the issues. more »»

In debate on global warming, it’s time we demand real answers

June 15, 2008 A sort of environmental McCarthyism is at work when global warming is debated. more »»

MEGA-10 wants your involvement, input

June 12, 2008 Thanks to members like you, MEGA-10 continues to work for the betterment of the Marshalltown community. We need your renewed membership. more »»

Voters will eventually see through Obama

June 12, 2008 Personally, I believe that the United States populace will sort out the issues and see through Obama as he continues his flourishing oratory with no substantial solutions attached to his exclamation... more »»

Americans paying the price for failure to create a sensible energy policy

June 10, 2008 High petroleum prices soon will be more than a pain at the pumps. Already, fuel prices have become a gripe at the grocery store, in part because of higher costs to deliver food and other item. more »»

Development, residents’ plight must have balanced approach

June 8, 2008 The Marshalltown City Council has the opportunity to positively impact the future of business development on the community’s south side – an opportunity it should seize, but also not take lightly. more »»

If allegations about FAA tactics are true, a thorough investigation is needed to clear the air

June 7, 2008 It ought to please Federal Aviation Administration officials when agency employees point out legitimate concerns about airline safety. more »»

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf

June 5, 2008 Democrats in Congress claim that they can increase spending on popular domestic programs while avoiding deficit spending. more »»

Congress seems determined to give homeowners a bailout

June 1, 2008 Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are rushing to provide help to Americans who took out mortgage loans they couldn’t afford to pay off. Why? It’s an election year. more »»

High prices at the pump are irritating, but there isn’t any quick fix

May 25, 2008 Many Americans have gotten so hooked on instant gratification — and on believing promises made by politicians — that they simply cannot comprehend that there are some problems that cannot be solved... more »»

Government spending could use a recession

May 20, 2008 There is no doubt that the U.S. economy is in a slowdown, but it has not become a recession, according to a report released last week. more »»

Governor was right in putting a stop to exorbitant wage increases.

May 18, 2008 We never thought we’d say this, but here goes: Kudos to Gov. Chet Culver. You read right, we’re actually praising the governor. more »»

Obama should have cut ties with Wright long ago

May 17, 2008 We wish that Democratic Party candidate for president Barack Obama had cut all ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright previously — but at least he seems to have finally done s. more »»

Does a national summer gas tax holiday really spell relief?

May 11, 2008 Reducing gasoline prices by 18.4 cents per gallon will provide little more than a psychological boost for American motorists. Fuel prices, averaging about $3. more »»

Umm, has anyone seen our nuclear weapons?

May 8, 2008 Given the danger posed by nuclear weapons, one might think that the government would have a complete inventory of all of them, including spare parts. Wrong. more »»

Thorough investigation needed to eliminate possible future accidents

May 4, 2008 It’s a good thing the 10-year-old daughter of Rockaway Township, N.J., resident Cheryl Angle wasn’t home on a recent Friday afternoon. She might have been killed. more »»



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