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Another year full circle, welcome to 2015

December 27, 2014 GRAY FOX are one of Iowa's not very often seen creatures. The main reasons for this is its nocturnal behavior, and low population level. more »»

The First Christmas

December 20, 2014 It was a clear, cold and starlight night. A blanket of the whitest snow bedded down the valley of the Iowa ... there were no lights from farms or villages ... because there were no farms of villages . more »»

Nature puts on a frost show

December 20, 2014 NATURE offers many photographic opportunitie. more »»

Wildlife survival a tough business

December 13, 2014 BALD EAGLES have made a miraculous comeback in the survival game from its low numbers of several decades ago. Now fully recovered, it population is expanding. more »»

Watching wildlife always popular

December 6, 2014 WINTER TIME wildlife observations take on a new opportunity when temperatures are cold, snow may be on the ground and howling winds attempt to seep into every crack and crevice. more »»

Dream big on the minds of deer hunters

November 29, 2014 DREAM BIG is always a good goal. If it happens, then a hunter can dwell in the limelight for his or her good fortune. Iowa’s reputation for having some nice trophy deer is well know. more »»

Thanks to the land for giving us food

November 22, 2014 TURKEY TIME is a Thanksgiving Day staple of many a family dinner table next Thursday. A big bird, precisely cooked, offers many tender morsels of protein for the entire househol. more »»

Safety is key when it comes to ice fishing

November 22, 2014 Winter has hit the Midwest a few weeks early, and that is only good for one thing ... ICE FISHING! Despite all the recent cold days and nights the ice on area ponds and lakes is not ideal. more »»

Wacky wildlife ... sometimes

November 15, 2014 FALL and WINTER-LIKE WEATHER let us know this past week just how suddenly air temperatures, cold winds and snow flurries can descend upon the landscape. more »»

Brrrrr ... gearing up for some ice fishing

November 15, 2014 I have lived in Central Iowa for a little more than 15 years. However, I can never remember a winter coming in as hard as it has this past week. more »»

Passenger pigeon replica on display

November 8, 2014 PASSENGER PIGEONS once upon a time were so numerous that flocks of flying birds would block out the sun for hours at a time. more »»

Bowhunting: Memories to last a lifetime

November 1, 2014 DEER are on the minds of lots of hunters at this time of year. Archery season is still on-going through Dec. 5. Bow and arrow season resumes on Dec. 22 and ends Jan. 10, 2015. The break during Dec. more »»

November fishing tip

November 1, 2014 Very cold temperatures have swept across Central Iowa this week, with many early mornings in the 30s. The next couple of weeks, however, should provide anglers a few more chances at some fall fishing. more »»

Green Castle lake refilling nicely

October 25, 2014 GREEN CASTLE has lots of renovations in the works, some seen and some now hidden under water. more »»

Biology tidbits on animals we enjoy

October 18, 2014 GARTER SNAKES are common, so common that the number of sub-species makes a long list. Some of these do not live in the Midwest. more »»

Nature's paint brush found on butterflies

October 11, 2014 In one little PRAIRIE FLOWER PATCH that just happens to be located adjacent to this scribe’s driveway, monarch butterflies and several other smaller butterflies were making the most of a nectar... more »»

Cooler temps equals biting fish

October 11, 2014 Fall is finally here in Central Iowa! In some regards I wish New Year’s Day was Oct. 1, because it is so much more enjoyable than Jan. 1. more »»

Duck season looks promising

October 4, 2014 DUCKS will be moving soon. This past Friday’s wind and colder temperatures got some of the waterfowl species into the air and moving south. more »»

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day

September 27, 2014 NATIONAL HUNTING AND FISHING DAY is a big deal. When one tallies up all the benefits of time spent outdoors, it soon becomes evident how important these activities are to people. more »»

Sand Prairie beauty is subtle and sweet

September 20, 2014 The MARIETTA SAND PRAIRIE is at its prime time right now. Tall grasses such as bluestem and Indiangrass are thrusting seed heads toward the sky at the tips of tall stems. more »»



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