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U of I secrecy not appropriate for public school

February 9, 2016 The philosophy behind Iowa’s public records and public meetings laws is quite simple: Government in Iowa should be open to the people of Iowa except in a few rare instance. more »»

America’s hollow paradises

February 8, 2016 People with working-class jobs in U.S. beach towns and ski resorts are getting pushed away by exorbitant housing costs. Think back to your favorite vacation. more »»

I’m skipping the Oscars

February 2, 2016 For two years in a row, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences — the organization behind the Oscars — failed to nominate a single actor or actress of color in the lead and supporting actin... more »»

The times they are a changin’

January 31, 2016 On Sept. 8, 2015 the voters of Marshalltown made a bold and strong statement that they were not satisfied with the status quo and wanted change in the Marshalltown school district. more »»

The GOP’s pro-corporate prescription

January 5, 2016 Tax credits for working families are a better deal than corporate tax breaks. The conventional wisdom in Washington is that tax breaks for corporations lead to economic growth. more »»

Broadband rates are too high

January 4, 2016 Low-income communities are being stranded as everyone else catches a ride on the information superhighway. more »»

The year in review

December 30, 2015 Just over a year ago, Eastern Iowans sent me to Washington to represent them in Congress. more »»

Fear-mongering hurts us all

December 28, 2015 Representative Loretta Sanchez’s bogus claims about Muslims reflect the kind of prejudice that holds America back. more »»

In dark times, poetry can enlighten us

December 21, 2015 Artists are coming together to commemorate victims of violence and create bridges between America and the Middle Eas. more »»

What the GOP’s putting under corporate America’s tree

December 14, 2015 This year-end tax package is a grab bag of gifts for corporations and a lump of coal for working families. more »»

A time for reflection

December 7, 2015 December is always a good time for reflection. A year has come to an end, the sun is in its final stages of moving away from us, and Christmas and other religious holidays are upon us. more »»

The three f’s of Thanksgiving

November 30, 2015 Why not emulate the Mayflower’s passengers and go local with your holiday feast? When I think about Thanksgiving, I think about family, food, and firsts. more »»

Refugees happy in Marshalltown

November 30, 2015 An over-packed, undersupplied refugee camp. Government oppression. This is what life was like for Wee Gay Htoo and Ko Meh, two refugee women from the country of Burma, also known as Myanma. more »»

Second grader does advanced coursework

November 30, 2015 Max Sawyer, 8, is a second grader at St. Francis Catholic School whose academic performance is advanced for his grade level. “He is very interested in math and reading,” said teacher Dee Pohle. more »»

Planned Parenthood: Long a lightning rod in US culture wars

November 30, 2015 NEW YORK — As a leading defender of abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, Planned Parenthood deals daily with some of America’s most contentious issues, and is well accustomed to receivin... more »»

Iraqi envoy: Paris attack marks new global war

November 30, 2015 PARIS — The wave of suicide bombers and gunmen who terrorized Paris marked a new stage in the war against extremism that will leave no country in the world untouched, Iraq’s foreign minister said... more »»

Random thoughts

November 18, 2015 Is football (or basketball or baseball) officiating really that bad? Or is it because instant replay has exposed mistakes that have existed all along but never seen? All these decisions are seen at... more »»

The golden years gap

November 16, 2015 Just 100 CEOs have as much saved up for retirement as 50 million American families combined. Flo, the Progressive insurance pitch woman in the white uniform and headband, is relentlessly perky. more »»

Get rid of the corrupt; restore our nation

November 9, 2015 The letter from Dan Schmitt is right on the money! Impeach Obama, Hillary and all of those other corrupt officials! Many have forgotten their place as public servants. more »»



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