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Refugees happy in Marshalltown

November 30, 2015 An over-packed, undersupplied refugee camp. Government oppression. This is what life was like for Wee Gay Htoo and Ko Meh, two refugee women from the country of Burma, also known as Myanma. more »»

Second grader does advanced coursework

November 30, 2015 Max Sawyer, 8, is a second grader at St. Francis Catholic School whose academic performance is advanced for his grade level. “He is very interested in math and reading,” said teacher Dee Pohle. more »»

Planned Parenthood: Long a lightning rod in US culture wars

November 30, 2015 NEW YORK — As a leading defender of abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, Planned Parenthood deals daily with some of America’s most contentious issues, and is well accustomed to receivin... more »»

Iraqi envoy: Paris attack marks new global war

November 30, 2015 PARIS — The wave of suicide bombers and gunmen who terrorized Paris marked a new stage in the war against extremism that will leave no country in the world untouched, Iraq’s foreign minister said... more »»

Random thoughts

November 18, 2015 Is football (or basketball or baseball) officiating really that bad? Or is it because instant replay has exposed mistakes that have existed all along but never seen? All these decisions are seen at... more »»

The golden years gap

November 16, 2015 Just 100 CEOs have as much saved up for retirement as 50 million American families combined. Flo, the Progressive insurance pitch woman in the white uniform and headband, is relentlessly perky. more »»

Get rid of the corrupt; restore our nation

November 9, 2015 The letter from Dan Schmitt is right on the money! Impeach Obama, Hillary and all of those other corrupt officials! Many have forgotten their place as public servants. more »»

Vernon Pries was a true treasure

November 3, 2015 On Oct. 27, Marshalltown lost one of its most dedicated art benefactors — Vernon Pries. You won’t find his name on any community building, nor will you find it on any arts and culture venue. more »»

Local news media and elections: essential for democracy

November 2, 2015 November is election time in America. Voters in many local municipalities will go to the polls soon to choose local public officials. more »»

Royal delusions?

November 1, 2015 Editor’s note: This column was originally published on the website: Our system of government is set up with a series of checks and balances. more »»

Obama’s unholy trade policy

October 25, 2015 There's a reason Pope Francis has condemned "free trade" pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Pope Francis waxed radical on several big issues in his speech to Congress last September. more »»

Three ways Iowa is ensuring safety and justice for victims

October 19, 2015 Iowa is taking positive steps to help survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, human trafficking and violent crimes. Here are three recent pieces of good news: 1. more »»

Jeb Bush blows it on race

October 12, 2015 His quip that black voters want "free stuff" is pretty rich. The Republican Party has struggled for years to attract more voters of color. more »»

A pilgrimage for love, justice, and dignity

October 5, 2015 One hundred women walked 100 miles to celebrate the pope’s message on migration. One hundred women walked 100 miles to welcome Pope Francis to Washington. Their goal? To bring attention to the U.S. more »»

Health care isn’t a bargaining chip

September 22, 2015 Women should be free to make their own health decisions no matter what they earn or where they live. Conservatives and progressives don’t agree on much these day. more »»

Widespread support for water quality improvements

September 21, 2015 The Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award was presented during a ceremony at the Iowa State Fair. more »»

Georgia’s educational neglect

September 14, 2015 Some schools are still separate and unequal when it comes to students with disabilities. I worked as a substitute teacher in a Newton, Massachusetts middle school a few months ago. more »»

Opportunities for Iowa and Cuba

September 8, 2015 At age 63, I wouldn’t change the years I have lived for anything. For example, in 1994 my family and I were traveling in Europe and entered the former East Germany. more »»

Property tax statement time

September 1, 2015 The property tax statements payable in 2015-2016 will be arriving in Marshall County property owners’ mailbox this wee. more »»



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