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We’ve seen some positive changes, yet many continue to stubbornly bash the war in Iraq

December 8, 2007
One can only ruefully marvel at the evident cupidity of liberals who insist, against a backdrop of significant positive change in conditions in Iraq, that the battle is lost and therefore insist upon a troop withdrawal deadline.

Yet there was Rep. John Murtha, the Democrats’ House point man on Iraq, insisting before the cameras that the Democrats would rather shut down most non-combat Pentagon operations than provide continued war funding to the executive branch. “We can’t win militarily,” Murtha stubbornly insists.

Yet in recent weeks even the most skeptical observers have reported, in essence, that the so-called “surge” worked. Areas of Iraq that little more than a year ago were virtually uninhabitable are now stabilized, and civil life is beginning to take hold. Local leaders cast their lot with the United States and the possibility of stable, prosperous nation, instead of al-Qaida’s never-ending cycle of violence.

With their latest stubborn insistence upon losing the war, even as eyewitness accounts pile up to the contrary, congressional liberals are demonstrating that they really can’t be trusted with national security. They have allowed themselves to be blinded by anti-Bush hatreds, and to be pushed around by the wackiest elements of their party’s left wing. They have squandered an opportunity to rise up as a responsible opposition party.

All this undoubtedly is cause for quiet delight in Republican campaign offices, for once again the San Francisco Democrats have handed the GOP the national security issue going into a big campaign year.

But outside the most partisan political precincts, Americans should mourn the fact that responsible discussion of war policy is practically impossible on Capitol Hill. A healthier two-party system would generate a loyal opposition, not one that regularly demonstrates the cool temperament and sound judgment of a misbehaving teenager.

Our nation’s enemies rejoice.



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