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Making Christmas merry for everyone should be top priority

December 11, 2007
For many of us, money is “tight” at this time of the year. We never seem to have enough of it to buy all of the Christmas presents we’d like for family and friends. There just isn’t enough to go around.

Pause in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to consider that for some area residents, money is “tight” all of the time. That isn’t because of overspending for Christmas or being extravagant at other times of the year. It is because, for some families, income is barely enough to pay for utilities, rent, food and other necessities. Some don’t have enough to do even that, without help from government programs that may help cover food, health care and a few other expenses.

During this special time of the year, dozens of organizations and hundreds of volunteers have taken it upon themselves to do something special for the needy. There ought to be something nice under the Christmas tree for the children, they believe. There should be something special on the table for Christmas dinner, they think.

We will help them make that happen — they hope and pray.

During the next few weeks as you are “out and about,” perhaps doing some Christmas shopping, you will be exposed to those who want to help our neighbors enjoy something of the festive nature of the holidays that most of us take for granted. Salvation Army bell ringers will greet you at store entrances. Marines will ask for assistance with their “Toys for Tots” campaign. Church groups will ask that you give what you can to help their campaigns. A variety of other organizations will remind you that, particularly at this time of the year, others rely on you.

But money is “tight.” There just isn’t enough to go around. Someone else will have to make those contributions, we tell ourselves.

Are we really that selfish? Can we honestly not understand that we really do have a few dollars to spare to help the needy at Christmas time?

Of course not. That isn’t how we think. We’ll make it a priority to make those donations — and make them soon. Won’t we?

Please, join those whose top priority is to make Christmas merry for all of our neighbors.



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