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Clinton’s health care scheme attacks you

February 21, 2008
George Orwell may have chosen the wrong gender for his arch-villain in the novel, “1984.”

To judge by comments made by Sen. Hillary Clinton, it may be that the nation’s first ultra-controlling government will be headed by a Big Sister, not a Big Brother.

Clinton wants desperately to be elected president, in order to implement a variety of social engineering schemes.

One is universal health care, and Clinton has revealed just how far she is willing to go to achieve it.

Under questioning by a reporter about how she would pay for universal health care, Clinton insisted that there are “a number of mechanisms.”

One would be “going after people’s wages, automatic enrollment.”

In other words, if a Clinton administration decides that you ought to pay for health insurance, whether you want to or not, she would seek the authority to have your employer withhold a portion of your wages to pay for the coverage.

You would have no choice in the matter.

Clinton insists that only working Americans who could afford insurance would be forced to buy it.

But her government would decide whether individuals can afford insurance.

Her government would decide how much of an employee’s paycheck would be garnisheed — taken by force — to pay for what level of coverage.

Big Sister would not just be watching you. She also would be taking your money, to do with as she sees fit.

Quite frankly, we don’t think the vast majority of Americans are willing to tolerate that.


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