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If Marines aren’t welcome, then our tax dollars shouldn’t be either

February 26, 2008
Officials in Berkeley, Calif. have created a new mess for themselves, by allowing a few ultra-liberals to attempt to bully the Marines.

You probably have heard about the controversy, which began in January when Berkeley City Council passed a resolution that the Marines should be advised that a recruiting office in downtown Berkeley was not welcome. If the Marines chose to stay, they would be viewed as “uninvited and unwelcome intruders,” the resolution stated.

That angered some Berkeley residents, who demanded that their City Council rescind the measure. Others, including Code Pink activists who have been picketing in front of the Marines’ office, applauded loudly. “The majority of citizens here are fervently against the war,” explained one Code Pink protester.

That’s fine. Many Americans are concerned about conflict in Iraq — but they still support the armed forces.

We have a suggestion: If Berkeley officials are as opposed to the federal government as they claim, why do they accept federal funding? We are certain that Berkeley, like most municipal governments, receives lots of help from Washington. If the Marines aren’t welcome in Berkeley, taxpayers’ dollars shouldn’t be going there, either.


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