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Clinton is experiencing the media’s version of sniper fire

April 6, 2008
Sen. Hillary Clinton faces what may be the hardest sell of her campaign for president — convincing voters that she merely “made a mistake” in claiming that she was under hostile fire during a trip to Bosnia while she was first lady.

Clinton has claimed several times that, immediately after her plane landed in Bosnia 12 years ago, she and her daughter, Chelsea, had to run for cover because they came under fire.

But video cameras were rolling that day — and they show that everything was peaceful. There was no hostile fire of any kind in or near the airport.

“So I made a mistake,” Clinton told reporters. “That happens. It shows I’m human, which for some people is a revelation.”

Human enough to embellish her record in an attempt to gain votes, apparently.

Being in danger of losing one’s life is not something the vast majority of people forget. It is an experience that sticks with one, to the point that those whose lives have included just a few very dangerous situations can remember minute details about what happened while they were in peril.

But Clinton claims she just “made a mistake.”

Somehow, we don’t think many people are falling for that excuse.


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