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Voters will eventually see through Obama

June 12, 2008
Don Crowley, Marshalltown
Personally, I believe that the United States populace will sort out the issues and see through Obama as he continues his flourishing oratory with no substantial solutions attached to his exclamation of “Change.” Eventual change is part of the democratic process, but it is a change with answers rather than exclamations of seemingly wishful thinking.

Obama is an obviously talented man with significant formal oratorical skills, but his association with radical elements present a possible scary scenario. If he is elected and proves to be a latent crazy as many of his past radical associates, it is too late to vet his life experiences. Someone once said, “If he runs with devils, it is seemingly obvious that some of the devil exits within him.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has a tendency to rush as lemmings to the sea; while Republicans commonly beat an issue to rags. Occasionally, an individual arises that can bind the Democratic enthusiasm and Republican analytics, and that is John McCain. He is a known proven leader with a track record of ideas for change that have spoken substance and solutions.

Pardon me while I whistle in the dark as the lemmings gather.


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