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In debate on global warming, it’s time we demand real answers

June 15, 2008
A sort of environmental McCarthyism is at work when global warming is debated.

Those who dare to ask probing questions about alarmism over global warming are branded as either evil or simply too stupid to understand. There have been calls that climatologists who do not accept the global warming gospel according to Gore should be forced out of their field.

But Czech President Vaclav Klaus, an economist with the stature to shoo away those who would condemn his stance, is demanding answers to some global warming questions. His questions are:

- “Do we live in an era of a statistically significant, non-accidental and non-cyclical climate change?”

- “If so, is it dominantly man-made?”

- “If so, should such a moderate temperature increase bother us more than many other pressing problems we face and should it receive our extraordinary attention?”

- “If we want to change the climate, can it be done?”

- “Are current attempts to do so the best allocation of our scarce resources?”

Don’t look for Al Gore and the radicals to rush to address those questions. More likely, they will attempt to paint Klaus as some sort of barbarian out to rape the environment.

But the Czech leader is right in his series of queries, which we will condense into a single question: Is the current alarmism over global warming really serving humankind?


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