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Failure to create an energy policy must be rectified soon

July 10, 2008

No doubt members of Congress would love dearly to find some instant gratification way of dealing with high gasoline prices. Unfortunately, one doesn't exist.

Among initiatives now being discussed to deal with fuel prices is a suggestion that companies holding the rights to drill and produce oil and gas on public land should be required to do so - or forfeit their privileges. Another idea is to rescind a ban on some offshore drilling and production.

But neither idea, even if implemented right now, would have any effect on fuel prices for years.

In the case of offshore drilling, it would be at least seven years before any substantial impact was felt.

But the problem with U.S. energy policy never has been in the short term. The problem always has been that Congress did not take a long-term view of the nation's energy needs and resources.

That failure now is catching up to Americans - and it needs to be rectified with a comprehensive, realistic energy policy for the future.



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