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Gas Prices

August 10, 2008

Sen. John McCain is coming under fire from liberals for pointing out that his opponent in the campaign for president, Barack Obama, is part of the problem in regard to high energy prices. McCain notes that Obama has opposed lifting a ban on some offshore drilling for oil.

Obama's defenders are outraged about that.

They say that even if offshore drilling increased immediately, it would have no effect on gasoline prices for several years.

That is true enough - but it misses the point. No new source of energy can be developed quickly enough to affect fuel prices for many years, perhaps decades.

But unless work begins to find and explore new sources of oil now, gasoline prices will continue to increase.

McCain himself opposed new offshore drilling for many years - but altered that philosophy once it became clear that new sources of oil must be developed within the United States.

For all his changes of heart on various positions, that is one new reality that Obama continues to ignore.



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