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Economic recovery? Not with this plan

December 10, 2008

In many ways, the so-called "recovery plan" being discussed by liberal leaders in Congress sounds very much like political payback, not economic stimulus.

We have our doubts that it would do much good to help the vast majority of Americans. On the other hand, it would saddle them with an enormous new debt.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last week that it is hoped legislation for the plan can be in place by Jan. 20, when President-elect Barack Obama takes office.

It would cost about $500 billion and would provide money for infrastructure improvements, to help states with Medicaid costs, and to develop renewable energy.

In other words, it would reward the big boys in the construction industry, bail out states in trouble largely because of federal Medicaid rules, and give environmental radicals the billions of dollars they want for unrealistic energy proposals.

If the idea truly is economic recovery, we can think of better ways to spend $500 billion. We hope members of Congress begin looking at the plan critically, too.

It's their duty to do so.



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