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No sand, no safety

December 18, 2008

Another snowstorm, another disappointment.

Local residents were treated to another round of winter this week and once again the use of salt only on the streets turned out to be less than stellar.

We expect slick streets when the snow first arrives and we anticipate having to change our driving habits. We even understand that plowing as the snow comes down really does little to help the situation.

But the number of vehicles we saw slipping and sliding through intersections on Tuesday only re-iterates our call for city officials to reconsider their decision to skip the sand this year.

Sand on the streets may not help with melting the snow and ice, and it may not be all that pretty when eventually pushed to the gutters by passing plows. And property owners who inherit the sand each spring when the snow finally leaves may have a few choice words for seeing the edge of their lawns turned into a small sandbox.

But as the snow builds up on the streets this winter, sand would still serve a very important purpose: traction.

Traction is a key factor in ensuring safe streets during the winter time. It can mean the difference between a near miss and a tragic accident. We're prefer the former, to be frank.

Winter is just beginning, but there is still time for city officials to correct their mistake. Safety should never take a backseat to budget savings, the end result is often catastrophic and heart-wrenching.

We encourage city leaders to take the necessary steps to ensure safety is our top priority this winter. Order the sand, the voters will thank you.



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