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Daily Record, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

Marshalltown Police Department


On Jan. 23, an employee with Ampride, 1701 E. Iowa Ave., reported damage to the driver's side rear compartment door on a 2002 GMC truck which belonged to Asplundh Tree Expert and was parked at the truck stop. Estimated value of damage was $800.

On Jan. 22, Erika Dawn Bracy, 107 S. 6th Ave. (Half), reported the theft of a gold necklace, a Sony PlayStation 2 game system, 2 CDs, cosmetics, 2 recordings from J. C. Penney, a vase, decorations, a portable stereo, a home stereo, a PSP game system, 2 cameras, a Nintendo DS and a Magnavox DVD player from her residence. Estimated value of loss was $905.

On Jan. 21, Teresa Hannam, 508 N. 3rd St., reported the theft of a Motorola Krazr cell phone from her residence. Estimated value of loss was $170.


On Jan. 23, Jeremy William Frye, 3107 S. 8th St., was cited for theft, 5th degree.


On Jan. 23, Sergio Emilio Huerta, 5 S. 8th St., was arrested for felony domestic assault and violation of no-contact order.

On Jan. 23, Riak Issac Chol Lual, 519 N. 3rd St. Apt. #17, was arrested for operating while intoxicated, 2nd offense.

On Jan. 23, Terry Reason Cullor Jr., 510 N. 13th Ave., was arrested for two counts of simple domestic assault.

On Jan. 23, Chad Alan Stonewall, 625 Garland Dr., was arrested for public intoxication, trespassing and criminal mischief, 5th degree.


On Jan. 23, a car driven by Kelsey Ann Hannahs, 3317 170th St., was eastbound on East Anson Street when it entered the intersection with South 18th Avenue and collided with a vehicle driven by Caitlin Breanne Jones, 3051 East Main Street Rd., which was travelling south. No injuries were reported. Hannahs was cited for failure to obey a stop or yield sign. Damage to the Hannahs car was estimated at $1500 while the Jones vehicle received an estimated $3500 in damage.

On Jan. 22, a car driven by Jamie Lynn Johnson, 321 N. 3rd St., was eastbound on West Grant Street and stopped at the intersection with North First Street when it proceeded into the intersection and collided with a vehicle driven by Ignacio R. Echeveste, 103 S. 7th St., which was attempting a left hand turn from the stop sign on West Grant Street to go southbound onto North First Street. No injuries were reported. Johnson was cited for failure to obey a stop or yield sign, driving while license is denied, suspended, cancelled or revoked, violation-financial liability-accident. Damage to the Echeveste vehicle was estimated at $1500.

On Jan. 22, a car driven by Donna Mae Harris, 2312 S. 5th Ave., was westbound on East Anson Street, stopped at the stop sign at 12th Avenue and then proceeded into the intersection into the path of a minivan driven by Melissa Dawn Sears, 1317 E. Nevada St., where a collision occurred that sent the Harris car into a collision with an SUV driven by Steven Mark Madsen, 2709 255th St., which was stopped at the stop sign on East Anson Street facing east. Harris, Madsen, Sears and passenger Cassy Sears, 1317 E. Nevada St., were possibly injured, but not transported. Harris was cited for failure to obey a stop or yield sign. Damage to all 3 vehicles was estimated at $3000 each.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Jan. 16

Kelly Vogel to Darwin and Susan Karr-Peterson, 2001 Elmcrest Dr.

David and Kim Karsjen to Harvester Development LC, 128 Rockbridge Circle, Rhodes

Carl Halsted to Gail Halsted AKA Gail S. Halsted, 1703 Taylor Ave.

Harvester Development LC to David and Kim Karsjen, 108 Diamond Grove Circle, Rhodes

Sophia and Mary Mercury to Andrew and Helen Mercury, 205 N. 3rd Ave.

Jan. 19

Central State Bank to CHH Properties LLC, 109 and 115 W. Main St., State Center

Franco Chua to Thonia Chua, 503 Orchard Dr.

Jan. 20

James and Katherine Becton to Emmett and Suzanne Lampkin, 2407 S. 7th Ave.

Damein Bown to Jennifer Palmer and Jennifer Erhardt, 109 N. 11th Ave.

Warren and Doris Soorholtz to Randall and Maureen Mason, 608 Thunderbird Dr.

Vicky Bobince to Joseph Bobince, 205 Green Mountain Rd., (Green Mountain, Garwin)



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