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Top issues in Des Moines

March 10, 2009
BY Annette Sweeney

Fair Share

House File 555 would gut Iowa's Right to Work Law, assaulting the rights and economic well-being of Iowa's working men and women, making the argument that Iowa workers should be compelled to pay fees as a condition of employment. This is compulsory unionism plain and simple. Under both state and federal law union officials have the option of representing only dues paying members, but they choose to not to exercise it. Let me repeat that ... they do have the option of representing only dues paying members, but they choose not to exercise it. There has been legislation talked about for bills to be introduced to this question, but it never makes it.

And an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on this bill from 2007 outlines the issue well.

Electoral Voting

A bill to change how Iowa casts their presidential electoral votes has been gaining momentum in the Iowa legislature. Under this proposal Iowa would cast their electoral vote based upon who won the national popular vote. This would mean that Iowans would not solely determine how their electoral votes would be cast. Beyond breaking with history, I fear this bill will diminish the importance of campaigning in Iowa, because larger states will determine how Iowa will cast their seven electoral votes. Presidential candidates might deem their time could be spent better in other states. It passed out of the committee and has a file number SF 227.

Veterans Affairs

On March 5 the House of Representative passed HF 321. Currently only licensed chauffeurs can transport residents of the Iowa Veterans Home to appointments. HF 321 allows employees and volunteers with an Iowa drivers license to transport patients or residents. I served on the sub committee for this bill and I believe it will greatly expand the services of the Iowa Veterans Home.

Legislative Survey

Thanks to everyone who filled out my survey, I received some great insight from my constituents. I will be posting a new survey next week; I look forward to hearing from you.


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