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15 Minutes with Kelly Yarnes-Schott

April 17, 2010
Compiled by Mike Donahey

Resides: Rural Gladbrook

Hometown: Marion


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Family: Dennis and Linda Sutherland of Marion are my Father and Mother. Richard Yarnes of Marion is Father. Rachel Schott daughter.

Pets: Inside the house you can find two dogs, two cats and one turtle running around. There are numerous cats, chickens and ducks outside the house.

Hobbies and interests: Living history and museums.


Occupation: Museum director.

What that means: I will share in the responsibility of the Historical Society's main museum, having input with displays, public programs and general museum direction. I will be working closely with the Society's board of directors to fulfill the museums mission statement.

Tenure: I have been in and around the museum field for over 16 years, having worked within several wonderful museums in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

I have volunteered at several sites within Iowa offering help with displays, programs, research and etc.. It brings me great enjoyment working with local history and helping people to discover the value of the past.

Best part of the job: I enjoy all aspects; working with the public, displays, research - everything about it I find exciting.



Last book read: My daughter tells me I need to get a life, all I usually read are research papers and such: "1837 Sketches of Canada," a diary of Anne Jamison.

Favorite movie(s) of all time: "Master and Commander"

Favorite food(s): Coconut shrimp and homemade Chex party mix - just make me a path and then get out of the way!

Favorite sports team(s): Volleyball not really into the professional sport area it is the history nerd in me I guess.


Best part of living here: The land and the community: I love it here, people still help each other out here, they also still look each other in the eye and say "hello" to strangers, you don't find that much anymore outside of the Midwest and that's sad. Iowa in the spring and summer - where else do you see such wonderful shades of green!


Most influential person(s) in life: I do not have just one; I have had several people influence my life over the years: mom, dad, friends and complete strangers have all taught me lessons.

Advice on life: You never get a second chance so tell people you love them, give hugs and help each other; you may never wake up tomorrow so enjoy the day and the people in it.



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