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Tracking technology

BCLUW laptop program wraps up first year

May 23, 2010

Year one of the BCLUW High School laptop program will conclude when classes end in the district June 2. As the school year wraps up, Principal Ben Petty said the program, which gave every student in the school a laptop to use for the school year, has been a success.

A total of 220 laptops were handed out last fall. Since then students have shed many of the paper books and notebooks and tote around computers from class to class.

"Overall it's been successful," said BCLUW High School Principal Ben Petty. "We've seen a lot of creativity and a lot of students taking things above and beyond what we expected them to do."

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Students at BCLUW High School do classwork on their laptops. The laptop program is wrapping up its first school year at BCLUW.

Jack Moore, technology coordinator at BCLUW, called year one an amazing success.

"The system worked better than I anticipated," he said.

Petty said year two of the program will include more online platforms for teachers to build their classes. Teachers will be able to post documents and have discussion groups online.

He said teachers have incorporated the computers into their classes this past year but the new platform will allow that the happen easier.

Moore will also add the virtual reality program Blender to all the computers for next year.

"It's a virtual reality application tool that really has piqued the interest of a number of kids," Moore said.

There have been about three damaged computers this past year due to them being dropped or other accidents, but Petty and Moore both said overall the students took good care of the computers.

The program was funded by future statewide penny sales tax revenue for the district. It is planned to get new computers every four years with the old computers from the high school going to middle school students.


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