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Leave only your footprints

June 4, 2010

A pair of geese and their goslings. A bullfrog. Three painted turtles.

All are creatures of nature that could easily be enjoyed and admired at Riverview Park in Marshalltown. Among them - beer and pop cans, styrofoam cups and plastic bags.

Trash is scattered about the lagoon.

Now that summer weather has arrived and we're visiting the many parks Marshalltown is fortunate enough to have, it's a time to remember to be respectful of these areas.

Some of the garbage may be the result of campers, but in general, Parks and Recreation Director Terry Gray is spot on when she says "People in general litter - a lot."

The department doesn't have the staff or the means to routinely pick up litter. And quite frankly, it's not their job.

A project in the works will help aid in cleaning up the lagoon in Riverview Park by dredging it, however, cleaning garbage out of the lagoon will never occur on a regular basis.

So, there's you. Look at how you can help.

If you bring it in - take it out. Consider that there are ample trash bins to dispose of your garbage. After all, you're just visiting. You surely wouldn't appreciate a guest who stopped by your home and meanwhile threw cans and wrappers about your living room.

And what if you do pick up after yourself when visiting a park. Are there opportunities to help with others who are too disrespectful to do so? Absolutely.

It takes a just a moment - pick up a can or a wrapper. Think about how others will enjoy this area so much more without the trash. Together we have a responsibility to keep our parks beautiful and safe for all to enjoy.

Marshalltown has a long-standing tradition of maintaining our city's beauty. Let's make this true of our parks, as well.



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