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Nothing new under the sun

November 18, 2011
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

The least observant person can see that the whole world is in chaos. North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Syria; and now, the whole Middle East are countries with violent ambitions. America is not free from her own internal struggles. For two hundred years, religion has been our ally in our difficult times, but that has all changed.

Our chaos today is in politics, finances, personal lives and our own spirits. Most importantly, scriptural believers are suffering from preacher/leaders that refuse to tell the Bible's truth. Independent judges have taken liberty to create their own laws. How do they get away with that and who gives them that authority?

The world has gone through these times before. God's people had other historical struggles as right always strives against wrong. Jeremiah and Ezekiel were preachers who were given a "spiritual hard-head" to speak against the false priests. Even in 700 B.C. educated men were inserting their own theories and causing the common person to miss out on the truth of scripture. False preaching today is not something new; God had already been through previous attempts where folks tried to revise the Bible - both in the Old and New Testament. Temple Priests refused to speak his truth, adding their own theories to their messages. To get Israel's attention, God allowed them to be captive in another land. Today's Revisionists claim that every religion has the same blessing from God. That isn't what he says in Jeremiah. He dislikes the "burning of incense to other gods" and that is why Israel suffered slavery in another land. America's churches are in a struggle not seen in the recent past, but not unlike the days of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Israel did not repent or change her evil ways so God kept his promise of destruction. The lesson for America is; what are we going to do about the way we worship falsely? It is the one God of Abraham that founded America, we must claim him as the only deity that nurtures and supports his own people. Dead gods of other nations, causes God to bring his true justice - even if that means the destruction of our nation? Is there is a way out of our dilemma? Yes, there is, by repentance and change. Sadly, history reveals most outcomes of rebellious people and their refusal to be obedient - they suffer because of their derelict attitudes.



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