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Disagrees with letter writer

November 30, 2011
Usha Nariboli, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

This is regarding the article in the T-R on Nov. 1 by Darrel Meyer with the headline "Isn't Broke? Don't Fix It" and two articles in the Des Moines Register with the headlines "Electoral College did its job in 2000" and "Electoral process limits the clout of liberalism" by Larry Svobada. These three writers did not mention Electoral College's worst flaw, "winner takes it all" which in other words means, winner steals it all.

Stealing anything is wrong, so, if people steal/rob money from the bank and/or from anywhere, they will be arrested and/or jailed. So also, all those who support stealing all votes from the opponent must be punished. U.S. government is "of, by and for the people."

We (the people) are the electors, whose votes should decide U.S. presidency. Nebraska and Maine don't follow the rotten/corrupt system "winner takes it all." Other states also shouldn't follow, "winner takes it all" system. Rekha Basu explained very well in detail about the corrupt/rotten egg system in her article on Oct. 23 in the Des Moines Register, and I said the same too in the T-R on Oct. 30. So this corrupt/rotten "Electoral College" must be abolished once and for all, in all 50 states to avoid 2000 election fiasco once again and popular votes decide the nation's highest office, the U.S. presidency.



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