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Use sovereignty before we lose It

March 5, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I can't say that I heard Paul Revere shouting as he road through the country side, "The British are coming the British are coming." But I can say that the British are well incorporated in this administration.

In 1999 former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the guy that led President Bush into the Iraq War, gave a speech in Chicago declaring an end to the Principle of sovereignty which guided world affairs since the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.

It was on this declaration, this lie which Obama carried out his illegal war in Libya, a war now being replicated against Syria, and being planed against many other nations.

How this all came about, Obama on Aug. 4, 2011 issued National Directive No.10 ordering the creation of "an interagency Atrocities Prevention

Board." This may sound good to you but what it does is give Obama the power to preempt going to war without being attracted. This has been a long standing policy as each nation has had sovereignty since 1648.

Now I see that President Sarkosy and British Prime Minister Dave Cameron are making plans for this kind of war. All of these countries that are rioting have been under British control and never allowed to develop.

Poor Africa has never been allowed to develop. That is why they are protesting. Why is this all happening? The British Monetary System is bankrupt as is our Wall Street.

The British Empire has drained the last penny out of the people of the world. And like a cornered tiger, are willing to reduce the world population from seven billion to one or less. That is what Obama was groomed for. Iran and Syria are just the beginning. China is the real target. We the U.S have 14 submarines each carrying nuclear bombs 100 times more powerful than the Nagasaki bomb.

LaRouche has the History and the understanding of all of this and has solutions to save this country from the worst devastation know to man if only he could be heard.

We have not been able to move Congress to act. Democracy works when Citizens Act. And let's use our sovereignty before we lose It!



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