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I’ve had enough Candy, thank you

March 13, 2012
By ANDREW POTTER - Staff Writer ( , Times-Republican

Ahh, the weekend. It was time to unwind, spend time with family and recharge the batteries.

Little did I know when I got home Friday night that I would get an onslaught of phone calls on my cell and start cursing a woman named Candy, who I've never met.

You see Candy is a lady that is looking to expand her education. It's my best guess that Candy signed herself up to be contacted by several of the for- profit college offerings. You know the online colleges you see so many commercials about.

Through this process there was one minor slip up for Candy - she apparently signed up my cell phone number as her number.

So this weekend I got a wave of calls from places like the University of Phoenix, Ashford University and a couple of others. They were all looking to talk to Candy.

They seemed surprised when I said they had the wrong number. Here, these recruiters thought they had a hot lead into landing a student and all they got was me.

I decided at one point since I was receiving all these calls to have some fun with it - here is exactly how the call from a woman with the University of Phoenix went Friday night.

Caller: "This is the University of Phoenix, is Candy there?"

Me: "You have the wrong number."

Caller: "There is no Candy there?"

Me: "Well, there are a few Tootsie Rolls, but that's about it."

Caller: (Laughs and apologizes and we both hang up)

Every college recruiter took a different approach once they found out they had the wrong number. One caller figured out there was no Candy to be found he decided to ask me if I was interested in higher education. I guess he didn't want to waste a phone call on a wrong number.

Another recruiter asked me if I had Candy's phone number since the only number he apparently had was mine. I told him I didn't have it and didn't know who she was.

So that's how my weekend started. Fortunately, the college calls stopped by midday Saturday. It made for a humorous story in my household. My wife was even impressed with my ability to rattle off that Tootsie Roll line.

I really hope Candy finds the enriching future she is looking for in higher education. It's obvious there is a whole world out there of people at colleges ready and willing to help her and answer her questions on an around-the-clock basis. But before she gets too ambitious, she might want to remember her own phone number.

It would save me some trouble next time.


Reporter Andrew Potter is a Tuesday columnist for the Times-Republican. The views expressed in this column are personal views of the writer and don't necessarily reflect the views of the T-R. Contact Andrew Potter at 641-753-6611 or



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