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Nuclear war is unthinkable

April 8, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

If it weren't so serious it could be viewed as a joke. With every country in the world having nuclear, even thermonuclear bombs, except Iran to even think of going war to stop them from creating nuclear power is just plain insane. Yet that is exactly what President Obama and Netanyahu have in mind.

For that reason alone President Obama needs to be Impeached. Congressman Jones has issued that action followed by two high ranking congressmen. Secondly the fact that he went in to the Libyan war against Gadhafi without Congress's approval.

If this is God's plan to end world life I guess I'll have to accept it. I pray each day that it isn't so but the war machine is building up for that very thing. I would rather think that is the evil side of we the people. It is only the military high command that has stopped it from happening already. Now North Korea is challenging this administration to allow them to test firing their rockets. There is no end to this unless we get President Obama Impeached.

The British monetary system is bankrupt and won't allow European countries and the U.S. from using the Glass-Steagall law to remove this derivative debt. That would wipe the world debt out. There is a strong public outcry from the people of Greece and other countries of Europe to install their type of Glass-Steagall Law.

People need to understand that money is the wealth created by planting a seed that Benjamin Franklin said was the only way to create wealth. He also said that one could go to war and take wealth from others or have free trade and steal it.

But a nuclear war is unthinkable. Act now while we have time and don't end up fried.



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