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Becoming mature

April 10, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

All humans have habits that are taught by our parents but some characteristics are engrained in our genes. Recently we received a video/email of a young bulldog. He is stationed at the top of the stairwell, looking down upon an approaching cat. For some time, the cat ponders the barking dog and decides to back down the stairs. We are looking from behind the dog, downward so, at one point, we can no longer see what the cat is doing. All the time, the barking dog is indicating that this is his territory. Because of the dog's inexperience, it doesn't know what to do but instinct tells him to keep barking. What happens next, the dog is not prepared for the cat's response. The feline charged up the steps and the dog is sent screaming like a banshee. He jumped on the couch where a bigger dog is standing. Just the cat's presence on the floor, keeps the dog crying. Oh, how we humans are like that dog. We have all kinds of responses to events in our lives but we don't know why we do them. Consider the young girl who finds it gratifying to play with dolls, dressing them in a variety of clothing - fussing over them like they were miniature people. What about those young boys who instinctively think they need to be macho, strutting before mirrors with muscles magnified or their Superman cape flying as they dart through the house. Actually, the dog, and we humans, have the same need to excel. The dog had to learn courage but it had to experience fear, first. Girls are learning to be mothers by caring for the needs of their dolls. Boys, well, they just need to learn something and unfortunately, it seems like they need to go through a stage of being someone they are not. Actually, all three characters were being something they weren't. The dog was not mature, the girl was not a mother and the boy was not a man. God blesses life because he created it, so to be the person he wants, he takes us through the stages of maturity. Each step we meet will teach us what the creator wants us to be - his friend and helpmate. Dogs learn, the girl will adjust and the boy will find that human strength is the least of God's desires - he wants our soul.



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