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Disagrees with column

April 11, 2012
Usha Nariboli, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I totally disagree with the column in the T-R on April 3 with the headline "A Republic, not a Democracy, Defense of the Electoral College." It has several unending flaws such as instead of voting directly for presidential candidates, this ugly electoral college system forces us (we the people) to vote for electors without even letting us know who they are because electors names are not printed on the ballot. Electors don't count the people's votes fairly and properly, thus, making the loser "appointed" president. There are many, many more flaws, the list goes on and on, unending. The worst flaw is, "the winner takes all" system, which in other words means, winner steals all the votes from his or her opponent.

Stealing anything is wrong, so, those who steal votes from the opponents, must be punished and this is ugly, rotten electoral college must be abolished forever in all 50 states, in order to count people's votes, to make U.S. President, elected, but not selected president.



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