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Backyard pools back in season

May 29, 2012
By ANDREW POTTER - Staff Writer ( , Times-Republican

This recent string of warm weather with no available outdoor city pool yet means one thing - the backyard pool is in full effect.

With just a few minutes of filling up some cheap inflatable plastic with the garden hose, hours of fun can be had by little ones.

As an adult, it's amazing to see how much time can be spent in just a few inches of water. Our 3-year-old can't jump into it, can't swim in it and can't float with her parents.

Yet somehow she finds a way to entertain herself with a few toys that float and the ability to splash an unsuspecting, dry parent. I guess if it's an activity the kids like you go with it and don't question it.

We do try to let it sit to warm up a few hours but sometime that pool can be downright cold and the little one doesn't flinch a bit. I guess swimming is swimming no matter where it is and even if it is in some flimsy plastic circle. Plus, the fun is just a few steps from our back door, pretty convenient.

We don't get too elaborate with our backyard pool. Besides it seems the biggest ones have potential for the biggest accidents, if "America's Funniest Home Videos" is your guide.

That show lives off of things running into backyard pools causing huge amounts of water to carry away its victims. It's almost as popular as people getting hit in the crotch with footballs.

I don't have too many memories of my own backyard pool. I do remember my brothers and I would constantly jump in and out of it which meant by the end of the day the pool was half water and half grass.

Other than that you can't get in too much trouble in a small backyard pool, so maybe that's why I don't have too many memories of it.

After jotting down some thoughts for this column, I decided to do some investigative reporting Monday. I asked our 3-year-old what she likes about her backyard pool and she replied, "Everything."

I guess there's the scoop for you, it's so much fun she can't pinpoint one thing.

Now with Memorial Day in the past, it's time to usher in summer with some backyard fun. If I'm not getting splashed it can be a relaxing time out there reading a newspaper and enjoying some rays while watching a smile on our little one.

Have a safe summer everyone and enjoy!


Reporter Andrew Potter is a Tuesday columnist for the Times-Republican. The views expressed in this column are personal views of the writer and don't necessarily reflect the views of the T-R. Contact Andrew Potter at 641-753-6611 or



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