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Supports Grassley for House

May 27, 2012
John W. Conrad III, Conrad , Times-Republican

From long experience in politics, nothing is more important than electing a representative who will represent you faithfully and fully. That means electing someone who will be at the legislature making hard decisions and casting votes that reflect the district's point of view. Pat Grassley is that person.

In his job as a state legislator, Pat Grassley has never missed vote. He has studied the issues and made the hard decisions. Pat Grassley has sponsored 49 bills. As chairman of the Economic Development Committee and an influential member of the Ways and Means Committee, his focus is on jobs and the economy. They are the two crucial, critical issues of our time.

By contrast his opponent has missed 76 votes in her short 4-year career, about 5 percent of the total roll call votes cast in the House of Representatives. Amazingly this list includes three agriculture bills, three votes on veterans issues and two education votes. And she serves on these respective committees. The issues ranged from Waste Water on Farms, to Management of Swine, Disabled Veterans, Honor Guards, and Veterans Services to Inmates.

We really didn't need a legislator gallivanting around the world last year when Governor Branstad stayed home to try to pass a responsible state budget. It was a time when he needed all good Republicans on deck to keep state spending under control. Pat Grassley was there working shoulder to shoulder with him. Pat Grassley voted!

Pat Grassley is a true, tight fisted, fiscally responsible conservative. He will spend his time in Des Moines keeping watch over the government purse strings.

Please vote for Pat Grassley - fresh ideas for a new tomorrow.



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