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Anger doesn’t have to control

July 1, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Perhaps all families have members who are not easy to live with. In our family, it was my maternal grandfather. I never knew him to smile, talk to children or be outgoing - with any patience. I went out of my way to avoid talking to him. As children, we learned to keep our distance unless he approached us first. I don't remember any time he did that. He was grumpy and always ready to say unkind words. But on his behalf, he lived in times of great hardship and poverty. Crops failed and the economy was terrible. From my perspective, grandpa never learned to deal with hardships and he coped by blaming others, especially God. He never got to the place of asking for the creator's help. In fact, he tried to control his whole family and force them to stay away from religion. I am thankful that my pioneering grandmother could stand up to him.

One particular Sunday evening, he hitched up the horses and drove several miles into town, to the Methodist church. Anger was seething in his veins; my grandmother had taken her children there, against his wishes. Wouldn't you have liked to been in that congregation that night? He stormed back and forth, outside the church, calling for her to come out, but she refused. As far as I know, he never interfered again. It was from her church family that my grandmother received her strength; sadly, it never came from her husband. My grandfather was controlled by the displeasure he allowed into to his heart. Wherever you see anger or hear violent words, you have seen what satan does to the lives of people. My grandfather allowed satan full control. It is a sad day when humans won't seek the only power that can heal a troubled mind. I am grateful there were family members that brought me to church where I could hear the truth of scripture. By their perseverance, I learned how to understand why satan attacks humans. He attacks to test our moral attitude. Satan's anger is a rage against God - it is an ire that will burn until Christ comes again. Just as my grandfather stormed the Methodist church, with Satan riding shotgun, you need to know that spiritually, he is riding today just as he has been through ages. Does your church reveal the dangers of our angry, spiritual enemy?



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