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Let All-America City status propel us forward

July 8, 2012

What truly makes up a community? Brick and mortar buildings, tourist attractions or how many restaurants are open for bite? To some extent all of these make up a community, but they are not the backbone of a place to live.

We feel a community is only as strong as the people living in it and the willingness of those people to want to make it a better place.

Marshalltown was named an All-America City this past week as a result of strong volunteers who want to improve elementary reading skills and student achievement in general. More than 100 local volunteers spent hundreds of hours on the plan, which was awarded recognition by the National Civic League at a conference in Denver.

Congratulations to leaders Sue Martin and Arlene McAtee who took on this project and put forth tireless effort on the plan. Their work and the work of the community has been rewarded.

Now, let's use this distinction for more than a logo which looks good on a city letterhead. Let's use this to propel us forward to even bigger and better things for the community. Get behind this effort and volunteer time to help make our schools and community a better place. The reason this plan was put in place was not to win the All-America award, but to boost student achievement for the betterment of us all. The All-America award does validate that we are heading in the right direction.

For future success to happen the community needs to back the action part of this plan, which is set to be put in place later this year.

Combine this project with the campaign to end bullying and the Marshalltown Business-Education Alliance and it is clear this community cares about our children and young adults.

Is Marshalltown a perfect community? No, but there aren't any communities that can claim to be perfect.

But with people in the community willing to roll up their sleeves and make it better, it shows the future has promise.

Let's continue to prove that were are truly worthy of being an All-America City.



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