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Disappointed in Iowa River response

July 15, 2012
Ed Richey, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I usually have the utmost respect for the Marshalltown Police and Fire departments, but after the scene at the Iowa River on July 4, I have lost all respect for the officers that responded to that tragedy.

The grieving relative was wailing and inconsolable, and yet the officers just ignored her. When they wanted to move the people back from the scene two officers took this crying woman by her arms, walked her almost a quarter mile along the bike path and then down the side of the levee to the park and allowed her to collapse on the grass. Where was the compassion from these guys? Why could they not have loaded this woman into an air conditioned vehicle to transport her to a safe place? It was over 100 degrees.

This just seems like the police were more concerned with someone seeing them pull a body out of the river, than caring for the visibly upset woman.

Shame on the Marshalltown Police Department. I hope that they do a lot of soul searching and realize they are human first, and police second. And what was the State Center chief of police doing there, was he just another lookie loo?



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