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What health care laws mean to me

July 22, 2012
Don Plahn, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

In the T-R on July 7, Senator Harkin explained "What does health care law mean for my family." First, the law does not apply to his family - but more about that later.

The Supreme Court said the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was constitutional and it was a tax. They also said the Supreme Court does not rule on bad legislation, the public must vote on that.

The federal government is imposing its requirements on doctors, patients, insurance and drug companies and they shall comply with these edicts.

The Supreme Court ruled that compliance to these edicts will be supported by a tax.

With the number of new people forced into the ACA program, Iowans are going to be short of doctors. The result of this is less quality care time by edict or the doctors won't be paid or will be taxed(fined)for non-compliance.

Senator Harkin didn't mention how this marvelous legislation will be funded.

The rumor, along with increased premiums on Medicare, is it will be paid by taxes (hmmm).

The tax rumors are: all bank transactions will have a tax, this includes depositing or removing funds from your accounts. This will include your paycheck and your Social Security check deposits. All transaction in the stock market, including withdrawals from IRA's and other investments will have a transaction tax, and you will also be taxed on the deposit to your account. There will be a tax on all credit and debit card transactions every time they are used. There will also be a 3.8 percent federal tax on the sale of your home.

The government has the authority to force you to have medical insurance, but they can't stop your employer from dropping the health care insurance he/she provides, and you will be taxed if you do or do not have medical insurance.

Not only did the ACA close the "do-nut hole" - it pushed us down the well. Somebody has to pay for this, but Senator Harkin didn't tell us how. The Supreme Court did - tax.

I will write more on the Harkin family in a future letter.



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