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Put yourself in their shoes

July 22, 2012
Kevin Groth, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I usually have the utmost respect for the opinions of others, but after reading the article by Ed Richey concerning the police and fire departments' response at the Iowa river on July 4, I have lost all respect for Ed, and only Ed, at that tragedy.

The grieving relative was wailing and inconsolable, and yet Ed just ignored her and picked up a notepad and took notes. The police officers moved people back from the scene and helped the crying woman a quarter mile down the bike path and let her collapse and cry and Ed did absolutely nothing. Where is Ed's compassion? He could have easily let this woman into his air conditioned car and offer to transport her to a safe place as the police did their job in the 100 degree weather. But no, Ed just sat back and took notes.

This just seems Ed was more concerned with coming up with something to complain about while the police did a job I would never want to do ... than actually helping or caring for the visibly upset woman.

Shame on you, Ed. I hope someday you find the ability to put yourself in their shoes, and stop being the "lookie loo."



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